These Cookies are Thick!

No Im not being dirty in any way (I know people can make anything dirty) or insulting the cookies intelligence, these cookies are big and full of tasty goodness. Now in photos these cookies can look like little cakes but I seriously can assure you they are fully loaded cookies. These bad boys are not just softly baked cookies (I LOVE soft baked cookies- hard crunchy ones are a crime!) they are soft and absolutely stuffed full of sweet treats. These actually were my Birthday cakes, I didn’t really feel like a cake this year for my birthday so I came across these cookies while looking for a massive cookie.

So anyhoo my husband bought me the Assorted Gift Box which included 6 assorted cookies and some chocolates (mini snickers, peanut butter cups etc). I am shattered these didn’t come in a nice box like advertised on the site but apparently they don’t put it in the nice box when posting the cookies. Also I would have like to know exactly what flavours I had included in the box it was a bit of a guessing game with some. So anyway this gift box looking inside makes your mouth water, all of the cookies and chocolate makes you feel like this will be all you eat from now on. When it came to eating them, they were so soft they didn’t taste like they had been on an adventure in the mail – they tasted like they were freshly made. Best to zap these in the microwave for a few seconds to add to the freshly made taste. Nice warm cookies oh god my mouth is watering thinking about- I wish I still had some left!

So one of the cookies I knew what the flavour was, was the jam donut flavour cookie. Just needed a few seconds in the microwave just enough to make it warm but not too hot that the jam was melted. I broke open that warm cookie and inside was some warm jam surrounded by warm, soft cookie. It had a few white chocolate flakes inside which added that extra flavour to the cookie. The fact that I didn’t fully heat up the cookie meant that some of the white chocolate hadn’t gotten soft and added a slight crunch.

These cookies were amazing! Each flavour was perfect and delicious. For me I did feel like I could only eat one a day. They were so filling. But to be honest thats not really a con to me, if I’m full and satisfied after one cookies it means you have made something spectacular and I have more for the next few days. Like I said I would have loved them in the nice box and a little list on what cookies were included in the box, but really they are tiny things that don’t affect the taste on them. Check the website out seriously looking at these would make your mouth water and are defiantly worth the price.



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