Vacuum for my Pores

So for a while now I’ve seen women using this little machine while showing off there skin care routine and it’s always intrigued me. What the hell is it?? After a little research I found that it was basically a little kind of vacuum that would suck all the crud out of your pores and make your skin clear and prevent pimples. The fact that it sucked all the guck out of the pores really interested me because I’m the weirdo that examines those pore strips you use to remove blackheads. Yeah I examine the strips for longer than any normal person. So when I saw I could get one of these pore vacuums or Microdermabrasion Kits as it’s technically called (I like pore vacuum better) for free with a purchase I just had to give it a go.

So in the photos you can see the box is a bit beaten up. Thank you Australia Post. As you can see I got this from LUX SKIN, it’s an online company that sells a lot of nifty gadgets for at home beauty . So I looked this up and saw normally this would sell for $60AUD but marked down to $29.99AUD (I got this for free with a purchase) so it’s still not to bad price. So reading through the instructions it was very straight forward: charge before use and details on what heads to use. I charged it up then took it for a test drive after I washed my face. So basically this goes in your beauty routine after you was your face and before moisturising. There are 5 different heads attachments for a different range of uses eg: exfoliate, smooth areas with fine lines, etc.

So time to get this going, well it definitely sucks everything out. I would like to know how the women in the videos I saw would glide this so effortlessly across their faces. This thing sucked the crap out of my skin I dragged it across my chin and ended up with what looked like a long skinny hickey. I should have stopped there but I tested a few other heads on my chin and we’ll I added to my chin hickey. My chin pore have never been cleaner but it’s gone from massive chin hickey to I look like I’ve taken a turn in the octagon. I mean thank god were in a time were we have to wear face masks in public, no concealer could cover up that bruise without it looking like I had a 5oclock shadow hidden under a tonne of concealer.

I get why people buy this I mean it does clean out your pores and I guess I makes you look younger because it’s sucked your skin so much your lines are gone do to swelling. But it’s not for me it wasn’t particularly pleasant having my skin sucked like that and the obvious downside was the bruising. I stupidly tried again just after my chin had cleared up but on my nose and ended up with a nose bruise ( I know I’m stupid). This is definitely a product that it ranges from person to person if it’s for you, looking at some of the reviews I could see people were absolutely in love with it and couldn’t like without it while others had a big fat NOPE. Like I said this wasn’t for me pale skin with bruises all over my face, it really doesn’t take much for me to look like gutter trash and this threw my right there. I’ve left the site below for you to check out all the other little gadgets they have available.



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