It happened…..

I had a bit too much bad news on one day so I had a meltdown and did the thing us women do in times of crisis……I coloured my hair. We had been given a hard 5 day Lockdown. Sure 5 days is nothing but that on top of all the other dramas I had that day I lost my shit. Plus knowing how our government loves to throw us into lockdown due to their incompetence I’m prepared for an extended lockdown. So to keep ourselves entertained at home we decided hey let’s colour my hair, why not. I did have this colour in my bathroom for a while and I have been thinking “I should use that eventually”. Last year I had bought the silver colour from this brand to kind of make my hair look refreshed since I hadn’t had my hair coloured in over half a year. So I bought two of the silver- because I need two with my thick ass hair. Then when I saw the postage I kind of wanted to get over the limit in order to get the free postage. Why do I need to spend more in order to get free postage?? Because I’m a sucker. Anyway I then saw the pink hair colour and thought it was suck a cute colour why not give this a little try if later on down the track I get bored or need a little change. Well done past me, well done.

So the colour i used was IroIro Semi Permanent Hair Colour in 200 Bubble Gum Pink Pastel. I chose just a semi permanent just at the thought of committing to this colour, its a no. I just didn’t want the hassle of constantly maintaining my hair especially with everything going on. Thats why I have a bit of a balyage/ombre (I don’t know the difference) look. So obviously the colour was applied to all of my hair but i knew it wouldn’t stand out on the darker bits but I didn’t want to risk any of the lighter sections. So I wanted to create my we’ll call it Balyage pink look. So what I did was wash my hair, not condition. I then blow dried my hair and applied the pink all over and left it for 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes were done I rinsed my hair in cold water ( I found out this makes your hair colour last longer if you wash it in cold water). I didn’t need to condition which felt strange because it had made my hair so smooth as if I had. Funny thing is while I was doing this I was messaging my friend who is a hairdresser (who actually recommended this brand a while ago) and she was encouraging me- so at least I know this stuff won’t destroy my hair.

So first getting a glimpse of my hair when I got out of the shower I admit I did get a slight feel of regret to my actions, but I knew once it dried it would look a lot better. So I dried my hair and slept on it and when I woke up the next day I was happy with it. Although I did get a little shock first thing because I forgot I coloured it the night before. But I always find when I do something drastic with my hair at first I don’t like it a little (even if it’s exactly how I wanted it) I don’t know if it’s just me needing to get used to it. But I actually really like the colour it’s something different and apparently pink is a calming colour so this might help keep me chill. Plus this worked out pretty good I did this the day before Valentine’s Day so I looked pretty themed out.

So this worked out to be a nice little experiment. I’m not sure how well this pink will go with it washing out, apparently it takes a few washes to come out but we will see how that goes. This did work out to be a great thing to help keep my mind off things and I honestly can’t stop taking photos of it (she’s so vain). Side note this actually was not supposed to be this weeks post but this happened so I had to share it ASAP. Anyway this turned out to be a total win. If you want to check out my experience with the silver colour the link to that post is below, also the brands website…


Silver Hair Transformation


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