These were a Surprise

Instagram advertising strikes again. I came across these cans of soft drink a while ago on instagram and saw that they make them in a small town in Victoria. So what so special about this soft drink? Well besides the fact it is and Australian company, they also make a soft drink range that has vodka mixed in. I have had my eye on them for a while and the flavours that really caught my eye were the Portello and Vodka and the Creamy Soda and Vodka. Both soft drinks I have always enjoyed ever since I was a kid, coloured soft drinks were such a treat to me because my parents would only get the kids lemonade when it came to soft drinks. So we had to sit there watching them enjoy coloured soft drink while we had the same old boring lemonade. Anyway so this was right up my alley. For ages I have been meaning to buy these online and look for them in stores but I admit it I’ve been slack and kept forgetting. So when I happened to come across them while on a weekend getaway I jumped on them!

So we were staying in Bright, Victoria in a cabin for the weekend, which wasn’t too far from where these are made. Which explains why you could get it pretty much everywhere (alcoholic and non alcoholic). Anyway when I was off getting supplies for our stay at the tiny ass cabin I saw these and it felt like I had seen a celebrity! I finally see one of these drinks Ive seen plastered all over my Instagram feed – I had to get these to try. I was so happy to get the Portello and Creamy Soda cans because those are the two flavours I wanted to try, it was like destiny.

So trying both of these, the one thing I was worried about (besides them tasting like crap) was the flavour balance. So with Ready to Drinks I find that sometimes it can go so wrong in the flavour department. They could go overboard with the alcohol and destroy the overall taste of a drink. It could taste as if you have a whole can/bottle of straight alcohol with a drop of the mixer- you might as well get your drunk friend to make you a drink. So I was worried about this, especially with vodka. I find vodka can overpower mixers sometimes if you put that tiny bit too much in. Both of these were hands down perfect! I could definitely tell there was alcohol in these drinks but not to the extent I couldn’t enjoy the soft drink flavours. Both the Creamy Soda and Portello were delicious they took me back to my childhood ( obviously minus the vodka). These were the perfect can drink to take to a BBQ with friends (limited amount- Cheers COVID) they tasted almost like a simple cocktail. The flavours were perfectly balanced, it did feel like I was drinking the soft drink but with a little extra to it.

These were a pleasant surprise coming across these in the liquor store. Looking at a lot of other flavours available in the alcoholic soft drink range I actually want to try and right now looking at getting some . The husband even liked these and he usually prefers the simple drinks like a beer or scotch and coke. So him liking these was a shock. So naturally I have the website for you to take a look at below. They also sell normal soft drink(non alcoholic) and cordials swell as the alcoholic. Check them out!

IM OUT!!!!

Side note this actually was typed up and ready to post but then we had our Snap Lockdown here in Victoria. Everything done here was before lockdown just FYI


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