Trying out ALL of my Samples- Take 7

SAMPLES!!!! Here we go the first samples for 2021! Im excited I have begun a clean out of my bathroom cupboard and I’ve put all of my samples into one box. We are ready to kick this off.

SEPHORA La Collection Nude, S03 On Fleek Lipstick

Sephora brand makeup is usually a hit or miss for me. Especially when it comes to the lipsticks. I got this sample with an open mind because when I first saw it I did like the colour and also I love these little sample lipsticks instead of the lipstick in a cardboard sleeve. Honestly when I get little sample lipsticks like this pretty much most of the time I will keep them even if Im not 100% happy with it. I just like the small size, I like travel sized items and if makeups in travel size i love it even more because I can take it with me in small bags easy. Plus when I have heaps of travel sized makeup if I go away it means I can take a small makeup bag and not have to hear my hubs go on about how I pack loads of makeup. So anyway I did like the colour a lot its a nice nude and it looked great with my skin. With this sample, I was a bit iffy about using it. Only because I have been more into matte liquid lipsticks. This one is more, not glossy but satin. I think thats the term to describe it. So it was a bit different for me.

So wearing this it went on beautifully and didn’t dry out my lips what so ever. The lipstick itself felt creamy and smooth. The only fault I’d give this is the fact that it almost instantly came off. Im a person who likes to wear lipstick for occasions when I’m all dolled up so I need my lipstick to lat more than one sip of wine. This came off all over the glass and somehow on my chin. This would be a great lipstick for times when Im not eating or drinking because it did compliment my skin so well. I am shattered it didn’t take really anything for it to come off though.

THIS WORKS Deep SleepPillow Spray

I saw this sample and thought this actually was a pretty interesting little spray. So basically its a spray to relax you and help you get a good night sleep. Looking at this spray its really just a combination of essential oils of lavender, camomile and others. So what you do is spray it on your pillow before you go to sleep. I guess this spray has caused a few allergic reactions based off of the warning that was pretty much instantly in your face when looking at the details of the product. Now this product did have a nice smell to it was pretty pleasant to smell, it covered up the husbands mouldy egg farts lovely.

As for it doing anything, it did nothing for me. I wasn’t anymore relaxed than usual and it didn’t help me sleep. I feel like this sounds like a great product and a good idea but it really didn’t do a thing. I felt like it was more of a bed deodorant rather than something to help sleep.

SAND AND SKY Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask

So this mask has been plastered all over social media for a while now and I admit I have wanted to give it a try. So when I received this little sample I jumped on the chance to try this out. So this mask has so many rave reviews; it detoxes skin, smooths skin, tightens pores, clears skin, brighten and evens complexion. Well this sounds too good to be true, I have to see if this actually does something.

How to use: Cleanse your skin before applying your face mask. Usually the actual mask comes with a brush to apply but obviously this being a sample I used my fingers to apply the mask. I then left it to dry for about 10 minutes and then washed it off. Apparently my skin was supposed to feel a little tingle but it didn’t feel it. Not complaining though. So this was a perfect mask, it was quick drying and wasn’t terribly messy. While wearing the mask I couldn’t find anything to say whether I should put moisturiser on afterwards or just leave my skin- so I was just going to see how my skin came up as soon as it was washed and dried. After washing the mask off I was definitely shocked. My skin looked AMAZING! I was seriously not expecting my skin to look like this. Usually after masks I tend to get a little splotchy just after the mask is removed (obviously it goes down and reveals clear skin). But this mask, my skin looked instantly clear. All minor blemishes were virtually gone and my skin tone looked so even. I almost looked like I had an Instagram filter on.

This mask was for sure worth every bit of hype. If I had known this was legit and not talking crap I would have gotten this sooner. It probably would have helped me when my skin was at its absolute worst. For sure get this mask it seriously made my skin feel amazing, I didn’t need any moisturiser afterwards and I felt like I had just had a facial.

ULTRA VIOLETTE Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Facial Sunscreen

This product I feel like it was created for the pale people. This is a 3-in-1 product that is sunscreen, moisturiser and makeup primer. I don’t know about anyone else but whenever I had to go to an even I would start to stress if it was a sunny day because I’d either have to ditch the sunscreen and risk a deadly sunburn or wear the sunscreen under makeup and feel my makeup was slowly melting off of my face. I admit I’ve been a bit naughty this summer and have been regularly not wearing sunscreen outside in the sun. sometimes i just forget it and other times I just don’t want to have to deal with my skin feeling oily and dirty. But after a little bit of a nasty face sunburn I thought I better start taking care of my skin (although I now have a slight tan- by that Im now a darker pale).

So I used this one sunny day and it did surprise me. I swear it smelt like fake tan which was strange- I did keep checking that I didn’t accidentally cover my face in fake tan. The product itself didn’t feel too heavy on my skin like normal sunscreen does and I didn’t breakout from it. BONUS! It protected my super pale skin and my makeup sat nicely on top. I did look at some of the reviews online and based off of a lot of them as great as this product is, if you have oily skin thats prone to break outs I would avoid this. A lot of the reviews did caution you against this product if you do have skin that is prone to breakouts.

TARTE Maneater Voluptuous Mascara

Another mascara from TARTE, I do like Tarte mascaras I’ve owned my fair share of them. I can’t fault them. This one is the ManEater Voluptuous Mascara, its supposed to volumes, lengthen and curl your lashes. To be honest mascaras to me seem to be pretty much the same they all claim to do different spectacular things. The only thing that sets them apart is some are clumpy and some go on neatly. The brush on this mascara had smaller bristles and it felt like more of a rubber spooly (sorry don’t know the technical term). This mascara wasn’t too clumpy it actually went on smoothly and I didn’t find I had any issues with applying it. Im honest here, whenever I apply mascara I always get a tiny dot on my face- its like I can never get the stupid stuff on my face without having to make a mess. This is the one time I applied it and I had not a spot on my face which was a massive shock.

That was one big bonus, another was the look this mascara gave my lashes. It looked like each lash was individually coated with a perfect amount. Did this make my lashes look as good as they would while wearing fake lashes? Nope. No mascara makes my lashes look like that. But this did make them look great and they did look noticeably better than my other mascaras. The husband, who never notices anything complimented them.

So this was a great first samples adventure. I do have many many more coming soon. Im in the process of cleaning out my bathroom cupboard so many samples are being tested and put towards future posts. Stay tuned.

IM OUT!!!!


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