Artisan Spritzer oooooo fancy

While looking for something else in the bottle shop (liquor store) I came across these fancy little cans on sale. Before I go on here in Australia we call stores that sell booze Bottle Shops (or Bottle-O depending on how Aussie you wanna be) but I noticed the countries call them Liquor Stores. I call them bottle shops but to be honest I like the term Liquor store- it sounds fancy. Anyway while looking for something else I saw these for sale pretty cheap and I though these looked really interesting. So naturally I had to give these a little whirl, I did actually find a few other products to try out swell so stay tuned for those posts kids.

SPARKLING WHITE WINE WITH LEMON AND BOTANICALS This flavour is a mixture of lemon, nashi pear and hint of herb ( doesn’t mention what herb) with wine. So first sip of this I was hit in the face with the lemon taste and something else that unfortunately wasn’t that pleasant. As I was about to take my second sip I realised the top of the can was dusty/ dirty. I didn’t notice it until I looked in the light and rubbed my finger on the top of the can. Once I emptied the can into a glass I found the off taste was from the can. Now back on track the lemon flavour was strong but it wasn’t sour to the point you have to make strange faces, the Nashi flavour I think made it not painful to drink. The overall drink was pretty refreshing and crisp – as advertised on the can. It felt like a perfect summer drink (even though we’re not technically in summer anymore). It really was a good mix up from just wine and almost felt like a fancy cocktail. I will say that if you aren’t a big fan of citrus drinks maybe avoid this one.

SPARKLING PINOT GRIS WITH APPLE AND STRAWBERRY so according to this can this is “Picnic perfect Apple and strawberry team superbly with the pear and citrus flavours of our dry Pinot Gris”. Sounds too fancy for me. This time I learnt from my last mistake and poured this in a glass, first sip I definitely could taste the sweetness of the strawberry and apple. The sweetness wasn’t overpowering it tasted like a slightly watered down juice. Sweet but not too sweet that your teeth feel furry and like you may need a trip to the dentist. I did get the after taste of the Pinot Gris which I was not complaining about what so ever, it didn’t feel like a drop of flavour in a glass of wine. I liked this flavour as well, it was a delicious sweet cocktail in a can. I seriously felt like it was a drink I could enjoy with some girlfriends while enjoying a charcuterie board (I had one recently and that’s all I want).

These turned out to be a pleasant little treat to enjoy. It’s really amazing the different alcoholic beverages you find in liquor stores these days. I did enjoy both of these while watching the WANDAVISION finale, while in my PJs. By the way who watched it? Who else is hoping for season 2? Anyway these were delightful I’m hoping to find more flavours to try out, these will be great for an afternoon with the girls just hanging out.



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