H2Coco Cold Brew

I’ve drank H2coco Coconut Water for YEARS, it’s always been my go to brand. I like coconut water in smoothies or sometimes just by itself- yes I know coconut water is so out of fashion it’s all about Kombucha now. But it’s a nice refreshing drink. First off I will say I’m not overly a fan of coffee drinks, I mean they taste nice but I’d rather have a proper coffee than have a coffee milk (or as I call them coffee milkshakes). I feel like coffee flavoured things don’t give me the caffeine hit I want. But saying that I did like this brands coffee and coconut water drink, I found it had a great taste and gave me that caffeine hit I love. Now this new beverage kind of threw me a bit when they first announced it. Because H2coco already have a coconut water and coffee flavoured drink available, I’ve had it and enjoyed it many times. Why are they releasing the same bloody drink?! Well after a tiny bit of research I found that they are now discontinuing the original coffee and coconut water drink (coco espresso) and have bought out a cold brew. This is a little interesting.

Ok so just looking at the packaging here and it’s definitely appealing for people who want the caffeine hit but are also trying to keep their health in check. So this drink is 100% natural, Nothing artificial, Not from concentrate, No added sugar, gluten-free, fat-free and lactose-free, No cholesterol, Vegan friendly and has 12 month shelf-life Ingredients. It obviously contains caffeine (it better!!) but it always makes me laugh a bit with caffeine warnings that say to keep it away from kids. I mean no chance in hell would I throw fuel on that fire, kids have enough energy as it is add caffeine in the mix they’d be nightmares! Whoever would give their kid caffeine you must be tough as guts you handle that shit storm because I couldn’t handle that crap. Anyhoo let’s see if this bad boy is worth it.

First of all this is in a can compared to all of their other products which are in cartons. I’m not sure why they did that I’m assuming so it stands out and no one confused it with the old product I guess. Alright now the flavour, ok so the coffee flavour isn’t as in your face compared to their espresso flavoured coconut water. I can taste the coconut water with just a hint of the cold brew, it’s a nice flavour it’s just not screaming COFFEE as I was hoping it would. The thing I liked about this drink was I felt hydrated and energetic after drinking it. By energetic I don’t mean buzzed as if I’ve downed Red Bull (seriously that shit makes me mental) but more alert as if I have had a decent sleep. I do tend to feel like I need some water after a coffee sometimes, depending on how I am that day. But this drink I felt totally fine.

Overall this was a pretty refreshing drink, the flavour was pleasant and I’m not a massive dairy drinker so the fact that this iced coffee beverage is dairy free is a bonus. I have actually bought more to keep in my fridge as a bit of a treat or if I need a caffeine hit in the morning while walking the spawn to school. I tried walking with a coffee and it just made me sweaty as all hell. Ive included the H2coco website below for you to give a little look.




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