Spawn does my Makeup AGAIN

Last year during Melbourne Lockdown-The Original, I was really struggling with things to entertain the spawn. I mean REALLY struggling we had done all of the crafts we could do with the limited supplies in the house so I came up with the creative idea of to let her give me a makeover. The kids really into makeup, like really into makeup. She isn’t like I was were any make up was fair game, this shit knows quality makeup. By the way any judgey people reading this- I can call my spawns a shit because they are my shits. They did come out of me, ok I’ve grossed you all out now lets get back on track. So I had a weekend were it was just me and the spawns (the husband was enjoying camping in the bush- no sexual innuendos literally in the bush) and the day that I promised to take the oldest to the park went down in flames because the weather decided to go from beautiful and sunny to during rain I went with my saviour “give mummy a makeover”.

So I told her to go with my pink hair I’d like to look like a pretty Mermaid, surely this couldn’t go to hell. Well, while its really sweet she gave me a little makeover and I do love the colours she used on me ( I may actually try these out myself for a look). Since a photo is worth a thousand words, for everyones entertainment I thought why not share a play by play of the makeover.

At this point I wasn’t mad at the colour, one side was a little darker than the other but it want too bad
Ok she kept focus on this eye
Ok now moves onto the other eye, she also added a bit of purple to the mix. In going from one eye to the other she smudged across my nose. Apparently is a super cool look, wow I’m totally out of touch
I wiped the smudge off of my nose. My face when I realised she isn’t done and it might take a while for this pigmented eyeshadow to come off of my skin

My completed “Mermaid look”. I think she nailed the Mermaid After A Night Out look. Thank god this did come off of my skin (after a few washes). This gave me major brownie points towards being the favourite parent.

So after my little makeover I actually payed attention to what happened, the little person who had given me a makeover had decided to mix up pallets because it would look “amazing”. I did have a moment of panic because I thought she had completely ruined my palette which would then become her palette to play with, but lucky for me it was easy fixed. Check out the palette photo below. Anyway Easter is not long off I am preparing myself for the supermarket insanity the day before Good Friday. If you aren’t sure what thats like its a slightly milder version of the panic buying that went on in 2020. So thats always fun. Being as its going to be Easter stay tuned for extra posts kids.



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