Hot Cross Bun YOGURT!

Say whaaaaat! Chobani yoghurt is my go to snack. I always have tubs or pouches of their greek yoghurt in my fridge just because the flavours are go good. They do have a FIT range that is more targeted at people trying to drop a few KGs I guess. But I prefer their regular greek yoghurts. One thing I really like to indulge with is their limited edition Flip Yoghurts, which is one side with greek yoghurt and the other side with a crunchy flavour to it. It always feels like a small dessert without guilting yourself too much. Wow Im almost sounding like I’m trying to be healthy. Anyway they bring out some Limited edition flip yoghurts at specific times of the year around holidays. These flip yoghurts for me are always hard to find in supermarkets because only certain supermarkets near me seem to stock the specialty ones. This yoghurt I got out of pure dumb luck, its a special flip for Easter (well of course). This did come out last year but because we were all in lockdown and everyone was going mental at the supermarket I didn’t really jump on the opportunity to get these (hell no! was I going to be apart of the supermarket insanity).

This Flip is the Hot Cross Buns Chobani Flip, it has creamy spiced raisin low fat yoghurt paired with cookie crumble, pie crust and white chocolate. Apparently its like a Hot Cross Bun but better. Lets see about that! So mixing these two up I like because I like the yoghurt with a little crunch to it , the yoghurt by itself wasn’t too bad Id have liked it to have a little more flavour it but then I guess it would no longer be low fat. The mixture together while I did like the flavours I didn’t really get the Hot Cross Bun feel to it. I seriously wouldn’t have said its hot cross bun flavour it would have assumes it was some sort of interpretation of a pie or something but not a hot cross bun. The chocolate was a nice touch to break up the flavours.

Overall I did like this yoghurt, I wish the flavours would have been a bit more in your face screaming THIS IS HOT CROSS BUNS!!! But thats me I do like my hot cross buns- the fruit filled ones. NOT the plain and defiantly NOT the chocolate ones. Come on guys we eat enough chocolate at easter we need hot cross buns to break it up a bit. I did like this yoghurt but I just didn’t feel like it tasted like hot cross buns. I wonder if I’m the only one who thinks this.

IM OUT!!!!


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