Cheers Sweetie!!

So every year for Easter my husband and I try to give each other something other than a plain chocolate Easter egg . Usually the reason is because we have be eating chocolate like were on a mission to get diabetes the week before Easter and we start to feel a bit over it. Also the fact that in the past when we have got Easter egg packs they say they are a specific flavour for example; Mars Bar. You know so you get the Mars Bar egg pack and it usually has one big egg and all of these little ones. Overtime we get on of these packs only the little legs are the flavour thats advertised, the big egg is just a plain chocolate egg (thats sometimes made out of the grossest cheapest chocolate). I mean come on! Either make the big egg the flavour mentioned or don’t advertise it as the flavour it is. Sorry I’m very passionate about my chocolate. So anyway moving on I wanted to find something different for the old hubbo and I came across something that would be defiantly something unique for him. A honeycomb martini cocktail gift box. He is a honeycomb fanatic and I’ve recently gotten him into espresso martinis (swell as a few other cocktails he won’t admit) so this was for sure up his alley.

CHEERS SWEETIE is a gift box delivery company that delivers unique gift boxes. How are they unique yo might be thinking? Well, these gift boxes contain cocktails. Whaaaaat cocktails? Yes cocktails. These gift boxes contain all of the ingredients in order to make the specific cocktail e.g.; Mojito Box contains all of the ingredients to make a Mojito- That includes fresh lime and mint!!! So I came across this company last year while looking for gift for my friends birthdays. This gift service was perfect for people celebrating their birthday in lockdown and all they wanted to do was enjoy a cocktail withe their friends. Its also great for friends now that we are out of lockdown. The gift boxes include glasses for the specific cocktail as well and the ingredients and recipe. Its such a nice unique gift for friends and family and the box itself just looks so stylish and the price isn’t too expensive.

So when Cheers Sweetie advertised their Easter Gift Boxes on their Facebook and I saw they had a Honeycomb Martini Gift Box. I Jumped on the site almost immediately to order one for the hubs. The Eggcellent Honeycomb Martini Box is a bit of “An Easter twist on the traditional espresso martini” a cocktail that my husband has actually taken a shine to lately ( he won’t admit it but I’ve had to make him a few to enjoy while his watched the football) . The fact that this was also honeycomb flavour (his favourite) was just completely perfect. With this box I did have the option to upgrade and get a second glass and some extra easter eggs but I just stuck with the standard box. In this box it included:

  • Recipe Card 
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker
  • 1 x Glass Coupe
  • 2 x Absolute Vodka 50ml
  • 2 x Kahlua 50ml
  • 1 x 50ml Honeycomb Syrup
  • 1 x Bondi Circus Nitro Cold Brew Coffee
  • Hollow Easter Eggs to Garnish
  • Mini Easter Eggs

Because obviously deliveries wouldn’t be available over the weekend due to Easter holidays I did get this delivered on the Thursday before Good Friday. He was really happy to have his long weekend kick off with such a nice surprise. This box has enough ingredients to make 3 drinks which he loved.

These gift boxes are just perfect unique gift to have delivered to that special someones front door, swell as cocktail/wine/beer gift boxes they do sell non alcoholic gift boxes. I saw they had sweets gift boxes and tea gift boxes, all packages so stylishly. These boxes are only delivered Australia wide, obviously due to the fact the ingredients are fresh. I have of course included a link to the website if you want to take a little look at these great gift ideas.

IM OUT!!!!!

Cheers Sweetie


2 thoughts on “Cheers Sweetie!!

  1. Thank you for the wonderful review of Cheers Sweetie. I just stumbled across your blog today.
    We are so happy to hear you loved our Easter Cocktail Kit!


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