Turkish Delight……….AND VODKA!!

Turkish delight like pineapple on pizza is a flavour that divides people. You either like it or you don’t. Well my friends I am a loud and proud lover of Turkish Delight…..and pineapple on pizza. Well this is leading to something than me admitting to enjoying something that seems to be outlawed now. If you remember my adventures trying Billsons soft drink and vodka combos, if you don’t remember the links below- check them out. So anyway, recently Billsons released a new Turkish Delight flavoured soft drink. Naturally I had to get on these but these were a bit hard to find in stores around my house. I could have ordered them online but given how Australia Post is lately (they lost some of my letters and packages- they are on my shit list currently) I didn’t want to have to risk them either being sent to the wrong address or lost in transit. Especially when I had spent so much. So being as these were only at selected bottle/liquor shops they did prove to be a bit difficult to locate. But luckily my dear husband managed to wrangle some from our home town while he was out that way for work. Of course he did get me a few of the others I tried and loved but I was so excited about these bad boys I got to enjoy them before Easter.

So basically instead of chocolate eggs my husband and I gave each other gifts (of the alcohol variety) for Easter. Only because we knew the spawn would be packing a massive haul this year and we’ll “help” her get through it. So because all of these cans were pretty hard to hide from me I got gifted them on Good Friday instead of Easter. So straight away when opening the can I got the delicious, sweet scent of turkish delight. The taste ohhhhh I wish my husband filled up the fridge with these because it was nothing short of amazing. Instantly I could taste the rose flavour with a hint of citrus, it really felt like I have turkish delight in liquid form. This sweet treat kicked the chocolate to the curb this years easter. I will say it was sweet but it wasn’t to the point were I would get sick of them and maybe need a cheeseburger or a bag of chips to savoury out my over sweetness. I think because of the flavours working so well together it didn’t get sickening and I felt like I could enjoy many of these softs drinks. Again with these the vodka didn’t play the main role in flavour town. It also didn’t become a game of me searching for it either. The soft drink to vodka ratio was perfect, I could taste it but not to the point I think that Billsons wanted to kill me.

So these were absolutely amazing! These were perfect if you are a Turkish Delight fan these are a MUST!! So if you are a regular reader of my posts (or if your new, HI) this post is a few days late. Sorry guys thesis all down to the School Holidays and having to entertain two spawns all day everyday while working at home. So this post was gradually typed at night in between the spawns falling asleep and me falling asleep (not a big gap).I really didn’t organise myself for being around two kids pretty much alone from Monday-Friday. Don’t worry I got my shit together now. But because I felt bad about missing last Wednesdays post I thought I would try to give you guys two posts this week one on Monday swell as the regular Wednesday post. Ok so now thats cleared up below is the Billsons post from when I first tried them out if you haven’t read it or want to read it again.

IM OUT!!!!



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