Smirnoff Seltzer

Now I’ve kind of avoided pre-mixed Smirnoff alcoholic beverages for a few years, not because I don’t like them don’t get me wrong they make good drinks. It’s because whenever I would see any pre-mix Smirnoff drink no matter what it was it would always remind me of my younger days going out on the town and the taste I would have the next day. Basically it will bring me back to the days were I almost died from alcohol (not literally). But I thought I would really try give them another go since they have joined in the seltzer game. I do admit I am liking that more and more seltzer brands are becoming mainstream here in bottle shops. Anyhoo I thought I’d give three flavours a go.

Raspberry Rosé , ok straight out I know I’d love this! These flavours together always winners. Opening up the can the smell you instantly got the sweet strawberry scent and the flavour well that didn’t disappoint it was refreshing with a hint of sweet. This was a bit dangerous because I loved it so much I honestly slammed it down. Its that dangerous flavour you can’t sip because its so delicious. I will say I didn’t get the taste of Rose’ with this but I really assume this was down to the powerful strawberry flavour.

Natural Lime, this is refreshing!What is it about lime seltzers they are all so amazingly refreshing (well most of the ones I’ve tried). This seltzer I actually forgot it had alcohol in it. I thought it was one of the flavoured seltzers I get from the supermarket. This did feel a lot like a smaller White Claw can of drink. Im not complaining.

Passion Fruit I honestly never know why I don’t go for passionfruit flavour, I love passionfruit. I even like eating it with those little seeds in it- thats commitment to how much I enjoy it. I thought the taste was again refreshing and felt like a great summer drink…….or a winter drink you can enjoy when you want to pretend its summer.

All of these flavours I did enjoy a lot they didn’t skip in the flavour department. For people who are looking for a lighter alternative for drinks these are a winner they have great flavours (don’t feel like diet sadness in a can) and they are all under 70 Calories. With these they are available at pretty much all bottle/liquor stores now. If you can’t find them at your local store- wow they have to pick up their game!! I will set out a warning guys like I mentioned they were so refreshing with a hint of sweetness that they were dangerous in regards to you not remembering they are alcoholic! So drink responsibly with these otherwise you will be buzzed very quickly.


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