Trying out ALL of my Samples- Take 8

We are on round 8 of these samples and believe it or not there are still plenty more ready to go. I did have plenty more samples sitting in my bathroom but honestly some of them I had to throw out just because they look like they lived in my bathroom for a long time. Enjoy….

FRESH Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask

I’ve tried Fresh products a number of times and I can tell you these are fantastic. I always love them, they always smell so good you would want to eat them and they always make my skin feel as if I’ve been to a spa. So I was excited with this mask since I’ve always had positive experiences with Fresh. What this mask is supposed to do is brighten and exfoliate. Of course the big draw of this mask was its full of fruit to provide skin with the natural vitamins that can give the skin a glow. This mask to use was very straight forward, just apply to freshly cleansed face. Massage on skin and leave for 10 minutes and then remove with warm water.

Naturally I had to give this mask a good sniff, I mean seriously if it’s full of fruit I want this mask to smell phenomenal. It had a sweet fruity scent that again would make you want to eat it. When applying the mask it was a bit chunky i kind of felt like i was applying jam to my face. not complaining tough it actually felt really nice- it makes me wonder if putting actual jam on my face would feel as nice (no doubt will make me break out). After the 10 minutes went and I removed the mask my skin felt a little fresher and cleaner but nothing different frown I clean it. It wasn’t until the next day when I actually saw some real difference in my skin. It did make my skin look significantly better and hate to say this but yes it glowed (should have f**king glowed when I was pregnant). A lot of my little hormonal zits completely went down and cleared up. I really liked this mask, I did find the results weren’t instant but the delayed results were worth the wait.

MECCA COSMETICA To Save Face SPF 50+ Superscreen

Finally I don’t have to chose between protecting my skin and looking good. Im liking that there are more and more brand bringing out sunscreen suitable to put under makeup that won’t make you feel like you have layer upon layer of products on your skin and won’t make your skin feel greasy swell as look greasy. In the past I have worn sunscreen under my makeup when going to outdoor events but I’ve found that its made my makeup sort of rub off my skin and look really oily. So it never worked in my favour. I tried this product both as a sunscreen on its on and with makeup. So as a sunscreen I found it didn’t go on greasy like normal sunscreen and dried really quickly. There wasn’t really any scent to it and out of all honesty I forgot it was a sunscreen I kept thinking it was some sort of moisturiser or mask, it made my skin feel so good. Both times wearing this I did walk in the sun and no sunburn what so ever. This was great but the other perk was the fact that after wards my skin didn’t break out the next day like it does with normal sunscreen. Seriously any sunscreen makes me break out in zits- its a pain in the ass!

EVO The Therapist Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

Ok so these are technically travel sized bottles but because I got them extra with an order I’ll count them as samples. I mean seriously these bottles were empty after I used them once! Yeah my thick hair caused this. So anyway this hair care is meant to hydrate my hair and is full of protein and moisturisers to achieve this. Using this, its not rocket science you wash your hair with the shampoo and rinse then condition then rinse. Easy peasy! So here is where the fun part begins. Once I rinsed out all of the products I felt like my hair wasn’t really anything different. I didn’t feel like my hair had improved. But I have been fooled before so I gave it a chance to show me the magic once it dried. My god I am so glad I held off judging this until my hair was nice and dry. When my hair was dry it was so shiny, smooth and soft. My hair felt and looked so refreshed and all of the fly aways were pretty much gone. It looked like I had a little visit to the hairdressers, its pretty good for a shampoo and conditioner combo I would have expected these results from a mask or treatment.

LE LABO Santal 33

Yes friends we are trying out perfume. It’s a sample that needs to be tested. I don’t know what it is about this samples packaging, it’s so basic that it looks like could honestly be something homemade and sold at a market but I love it. It makes me think it’s an old timey package that urgently needs to be opened. So looking up this scent it’s a unisex scent which does make me a little nervous. I find that a lot of unisex scents are more on the masculine side (my personal opinion) and it’s never a scent I would wear. A lot of the time I feel like they would be more suited to my husband rather than me but let’s see how we go. Ok so according to the website the “Fragrance Notes” are: Australian sandalwood, cedarwood, leather, cardamon, iris, and musk. Already sounding like it would be more suited to my husband. Ok so I don’t have an issue with these scents at all and if you like the scents on you that’s great but me personally I’m not a fan to wear these scents on me. I’d like the scents in my house or on my husband but I will still give the perfume a chance.

So the little bottle in comes in has one of those plastic cork deals- you know the plug thing (sorry don’t know the technical term for it) can sometimes make the perfume just fly all over you if you don’t remove the lid carefully. Fortunately I managed to get it off without product flying all over the place. Now the scent really caught me by surprise, it wasn’t bad. I actually liked the smell it wasn’t an obvious gender scent , like I mentioned whenever there is a unisex scent it usually is more towards the males target audience. But this was really nice. I definitely picked up the woody and musky scents in this but it wasn’t too overwhelming. I actually got a few compliments on this scent while out. I think this is something that it for sure depends on person to person just judging by the mixed reviews.

So there we have it friends, some samples were tried and they weren’t fails. Be prepared for many many more samples posts coming up- Im moving house (hopefully over the next few weeks) and I need to give my bathroom a little clean out. Ill get into the house situations soon so stay tuned.

IM OUT!!!!


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