So the one downfall to having pink in my hair is the fact it washes out more and more overtime I wash it. I don’t mind it washing out because it washes out so nicely giving me a different shade of pink after each wash. Although I would like the pink just to stay longer, so I went on a search for a shampoo that would keep the pink in a bit longer. Kind of what you do do when you have light blonde hair , you use purple shampoo to keep the colour looking fresh. I came across this product from KERACOLOR (the brand that actually was used by my hairdresser to colour my hair).

KERACOLOR Clenditioner (light Pink) condoning cleaner : cleanses,nourishes and deposits colour onto your hair. So it gradually adds more colour each wash making the colour last longer.. Pigment can last up to 10-15 washes, depending how porous and light your hair is. What you do it apply it to your wet hair and leave on for 3-5minutes then rinse. As you can see in my first photo below my hair still is pink but its defiantly faded. I put the clenditioner in my hair and left it for 5minutes before I rinsed……..

So the product is in a pump bottle which I honestly think all hair cleaning products should be in. Its so much more easy to make sure you don’t pour too much out. Anyways this didn’t have to much of a scent to it but the product colour was really pretty I admit like the weirdo I am I did pump it into my hand and stared at it for a bit. Yep weirdo. It was pretty good that it didn’t stain my skin (even though the instructions did say it could). Keeping it in my hair for 5 minutes was nothing its getting colder here in Melbourne so Im not fussed about staying in my hot shower for a bit longer. Once rinsed and dried I defiantly could see a difference in my colour it looked a lot more vibrant.

The pink is even (obviously not on the roots-going for the pink balyage look here). I am happy I can keep the colour fresh-ish for longer my hair feels smooth a really refreshed overall I am pretty happy with it. I know its looking a bit dry at the ends that down to my air drying and hair dryer mix. I have sheep fur hair (cheers genetics). I will keep using this once a week alternating with my olaplaex treatments – with it getting colder here in Melbourne I have to make sure my hair doesn’t dry out. So you can buy this on many different online hair product stores but I’ll include the link for the Keracolor website below to check out.



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