Can these Make a COME BACK

Ok so I know I am not the only one who does this, keeps items of clothing for years (cough, ten years) and blatantly refuses to throw out that item…..well I have a lot. Anyway what I thought I would do while moving is finally see if these item are worth keeping or if they ran their course and need to go to a new home. I modelled these items (yes I am aware I don’t have a model body…..I am a potato) so keep the nasty comment to yourself I am aware how I look friend. Oh and apologies for the stupid pose…..I channeled my inner male catalogue model for some reason.


Well start off with these oldies I bought when I was 18!!! Just let that sink in for a minute 18!!!!! I’m 33, they have been living in my drawer for over a decade. Pulling these out I thought yes these look like the MOM JEANS that are so much in style at the moment. Yes perfect putting them on the went up my legs no issue. It was once I buttoned them up I realised the big problem. No they did button up, they fit fine. But and this is a big but, they were hipster pants!!! I forget these were in style in 2007. These pants were too low for one my higher underwear and two they rubbed like hell on my c-section scar. SERIOUSLY how did women wear jeans after a c-section then! So sadly these pants had to go.


Um these pants I bought on my very first trip to the US. I was excited about going to Victoria Secret and I admit I went a bit stupid buying things. I honestly don’t know what was going on in my head when I bought these. I wasn’t a huge fan of the colour pink back then, I probably had one or two items in my closet that were pink and why the hell would I get such bright track pants. The only this is the cut of these pants I like because I am so short they sit at a good length when its coming out of winter to a bit warmer weather but still has a chill in the air. I almost kept these but the giant PINK written on the butt I couldn’t get past it just took me back to the early 2000’s and made me think of Paris Hilton in those Juicy tracksuits. Plus the husbands constant jokes about me showing my PINK were getting old. Nope sorry these had to go.


These maroon jeans were another pair I loved these were so comfortable, I honestly can’t remember when I bought these I know I was in my 20’s but I can’t remember when. Anyway they still are pretty comfortable they are more of a mid waist fit which was good but the second I moved they started to drop a bit and we ended up with c-section scar rubbing, underwear showing hipster pants. I really do forget the 2000’s were the years of the butt-crack. Again sad to see these go but its just not happening, Ive got to pick up the mini antichrist the second I bender Im opening myself up for a coin being dropped in the crack.


These jeans were my good going out pants I loved these pants. I think what made them special was the fact I bought these when I was at my heaviest and I bought these as a goal so that one day I’d fit into them and yeah I hit that goal. Unfortunately for me these looked good, it was more mid waist and wouldn’t rub, but they were a little lose around the waist and the butt. Im guessing because my body has changed and the proportions have changed I have no idea but I didn’t want jeans that Im hitching up every two steps because they were falling. Good luck at your new home my friend you shall make your new owner look great.


I bought this dress in late 2019 when I had just found out I was pregnant with number 2. I thought this was great to help me not feel as self conscious when I hit the stage that I don’t look pregnant I just look like Ive had a bad breakup and wanted to heal the hurt by filling the void with food. This then became my potential birthing dress/top only because remember back then lockdown was happening and I honestly didn’t want to pay for a shitty old top/nighty that I knew I’d throw out immediately after the birth. Well obviously I didn’t use it for birth because I had an emergency c-section. I have this in black as well and it looks a lot nicer than this, I wear it for that time of the month when kicking around the house or just before I go to pole class in the summer (easy on and off). So this colour just made me look like I was wearing a sack so it had to go.

So as you see some items it was a little hard to part with but in the end they all went off to a new home. I can’t Marie Kondo my clothes (then I would say everything SPARKS JOY) I just have to be honest with myself, will I wear it. These I just know I had to give away. So we have moved into the new house this is why this post is a little delayed because we have had one thing after the other happen when its come to moving into this house. So anyhow the posts will be up and back on schedule next week so stay tuned kids.



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