Trying out ALL of my Samples- Take 9

Hello Friends. Here we are the ninth samples post. Funny thing is I have been doing the samples for a year now isn’t that crazy. Lets get into it!

TOO FACED Better than Sex Mascara

So I am aware that this sample is nothing new I’ve actually had this sample before and purchased this mascara. But it has been a while since I used the mascara and I have found that makeup brands do tend to tweak formulas to keep improving the products so I thought I would give this a go again. Too Faced is always a brand that I like, there are only one or two items that didn’t agree with me but honestly if we really get down to it nearly every brand has at least one item that just does agree with my face. We judge on whether the good outweighs the bad. So this mascara is said to give dramatic volume, longer lashes and create a false lash effect. So if you look at the box that the product came in you would notice a picture of lashes wearing the mascara and you can see a big difference in the lashes. So obviously the mascara lashes look fuller and longer but one thing I do like about this is the brand included in writing under the photo that they did 3 applications of the mascara to achieve that look. Now that is some good honesty right there I’m sick of brands showing women with these big lashes and they say oh it’s the mascara and we can tell they are clearly wearing false lashes.

So originally I didn’t mind this mascara it wasn’t too clumpy and made my lashes look great. Using this again same deal it doesn’t seem like they changed the formula at all and if they happen to it must have been really minimal. I only use one or two applications of this just to make sure that I covered every lash. It went on smoothly and I didn’t have any issues with too much or too little product coming out. Still a winner for me.


Oh yeah another perfume, I kinda like getting perfume samples from brands I never think to try. From this brand I only have one fragrance and that was the Black Opium. I only ended up getting that a few years ago when I was waiting at the airport and started sniffing perfumes in Duty free to pass the time (ahhh travelling freely those were the good old days). I don’t mind this brand when Ive had samples I always kind of steer clear of it because I feel like its a more classier brand and Im too white trash for it. So anyways this scent is made up of orange blossom flower, lavender and white musks. I think this is a very unique scent I can definitely smell the musk in it. I like it I find you can smell the musk first off with the floral scent following. It a very elegant scent I think it would be more for people who are going to nice affairs where they are dressed up nice. I wouldn’t wear it as a daily scent but I would like to keep it as something to wear for if I went out for a nice dinner minus the spawns.

LAURA MERCIER Rouge Essentiel Silky Creme Lipstick- Rouge Ultime

Ive always wanted to try Laura Mercier products. I know that the translucent powder was the must have for a while, but honestly I don’t use translucent powder (Im a basic B). So according to its online description It delivers high-impact colour with weightless decadence and also Lasts up to six hours without bleeding, feathering, drying, fading or settling into lines. So lets see how we go, I do love a good red lippie and this colour is beautiful. So on application it was very smooth and creamy. It was very easy to apply and I didn’t have any bleeding or having to spend a great deal of concentration to apply it and not make me look like a clown. I wanted to put this to the test and I wore it for 6 hours to see if it lasted. so wearing it it honestly felt like I was wearing my normal lip balm, it was great. But it did not last at all it came off very quickly. I was hoping it would stay but it needed a re-application. I will say it didn’t dry out my lips which was a bonus but I found that my lips were kind of stained when I tried to remove the lipstick at the end of the day. Stained sounds good right, it means the colours stayed. No, it looked like Ive been downing red lollies and my lips were stained from eating.

I am a bit shattered this didn’t last because it is such a nice red and it looked great with my vampire skin tone. Despite it not lasting very long I will use this lipstick re-applying wont be so bad to be honest.

DRUNK ELEPHANT F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Masque Hydrant

“This cooling, quenching overnight mask plumps and restores with an electrolyte cocktail while helping to strengthen the skin’s acid mantle.” With the Melbourne weather cooling off and drying my skin out this sound perfect to fix my situation. So according to the tube I have to apply to skin as the last step in my nighttime skin routine And it can be worn as an overnight mask. Putting it on my skin it was very light weight and not oily at all. I was very happy that it dried quickly so I wasn’t having to lower myself into bed while waiting for the mask to dry. pretty much once the mask dried I did feel like my skin was a lot more hydrated and smoother. The next morning my skin again was hydrated, smooth and it did look brighter as if life has been put back into my dead skin. I didn’t mind this mask it did make my skin really nice and I didn’t have any reaction or issues with it. But I honestly think I prefer another over night mask brand just out of preference.

There we go friends number 9 samples is done. Like I mentioned these samples posts have been going on for a year. I remember the very first post thinking that people would hate it because its literally me trying out samples and sharing how I feel about them. I was honestly worried but seeing that you guys like reading out my opinion is great. These samples posts have been great for me to broaden my horizon with products and brands that I would have never thought to try. A lot have become apart of my skin routine or joined my makeup collection. Plus its cleared out heaps of my space in the bathroom cupboard. Stay tuned for me rounding this off to samples number 10!!



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