Just a little Rant

Hey friends, a small disclaimer this post won’t include me trying anything out or reviewing anything so I totally understand if you want to skip this weeks post. I was planning on just not posting anything this week but I didn’t want to throw myself into bad patterns like I did in 2019. So recently Victoria (Australia) was thrown back into a snap lockdown AGAIN after a cluster brought to us from an international traveler. So originally it was stage 4 lockdown which was the tough lockdown and it was only supposed to be for 7 days. I honestly wasn’t overly happy about it but it was 7 days I could do that, online schooling with the spawn seemed sorted and 7 days I could do. But then we got news that the lockdown would be extended, then we also got news that Metro Melbourne would remain in the stage 4 lockdown while regional Melbourne would have a lot of restrictions lifted. Unfortunately for me I live in whats classed as Metro Melbourne so I ended up having two weeks hard lockdown.

So why am I telling this? Why aren’t I posting something more interesting? Well, because of this Ive kind of lost a bit of motivation to really do anything. Im throwing a pity party. I am fed up honestly, I feel like we have been the only state that has had it hard in this lockdown, not as many other states seem to have long ass lockdowns and restriction like we have. Its upsetting that I see people in other states enjoying life while we are locked in our having to wear masks outside. Im upset that we worked so fucking hard to get to the point were it felt almost normal again and things that we had to do thanks to COVID became normal e.g.; checking into locations, hand sanitising, social distancing. But it felt over a space of a few days that hard work was nothing. Im not sure why but for some reason this lockdown has effected me. Im not sure why its just bought me down.

Now I know people are reading this thinking well its hard on everyone and I 100% know that people have it way harder and I do feel for them. But like I said this is just me having a bit of a pity party for myself. Im not trying to start anything at all, no conspiracies or attacks. This is just me vocalising how I feel. I am just feeling low this week and I didn’t want to post anything with me in this frame of mind, I want to be in a good positive mood when posting something. I could have left this for a week but I was worried (like I said) that I would end up like I did in 2019 when a few friendships fell apart and attacks were made that I did post inconsistently and left very big gaps between posts. But I won’t leave this with all doom and gloom, a lot of posts are coming soon for your entertainment; beauty, cocktails, food and much more.

I will take a chill pill ( glass of wine and heaps of TV) and I will be back next week back with some fun.

IM OUT!!!!


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