Just a little NOSH

I came across NOSH Boozy Seltzer came to my attention one late night on Instagram. To be honest what intrigued me was the cheeky description. It felt like it was made for me. Below is a description from the Nosh website:

Nosh is No Shit. There’s no shit in our drinks and we stand for no shit. We’re not an influencer-style seltzer. We’re keeping it real and we’re not afraid to play the man. NoSh is the Official Shower Seltzer and the drink of Kick Ons“. NOSH Boozy Seltzer Website.

I was intrigued. Unfortunately for me it wasn’t available at any stores near me for a while ( I seem to have a thing for beverages that aren’t available at stores near my house) so I did wait until I was fortunate to find them in stores. When I came across these one day I jumped on those bad boys.They have two flavours Peach and Pineapple + Mango. Both of these are Low sugar, Low carbs, Low Calories, Vegan, gluten free and both are 1.3 standard drinks. So some of you reading this may be thinking “Oh god low sugar, carbs and calories, its going to taste shit” don’t be so quick to judge ok, I admit I do that to when I see that written on alcoholic beverages or even non alcoholic beverages. Sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised. So lets dive in shall we…..

Peach: Ok I was a little worried about this flavour because a lot of the reviews were fairly negative. A lot of the complaints were the Peach flavour was “gross” and had “a Beery aftertaste” so I was getting worried. The first sip I did approach with caution but I’m going to say I was pleasantly surprised with the taste. The can says a HINT of peach flavour, it’s more than a hint but it’s not over powering that it’s unpleasant. I really enjoyed the peach flavour, it was delicious! As for the “Beery Aftertaste” I did look out for that (or taste-out for that- cough I’m an idiot) it had I wouldn’t say a beery aftertaste but it did have a carbonated aftertaste. As in you have consumed a lot of bubbles but you would more than likely get that drinking any sparkling water, soda water or soft drink. I didn’t get any hit. Of beery aftertaste, to back me up I bought in the beer expert (not really) the husband and he even agreed it had the bubbles aftertaste but it wasn’t beery.

Pineapple and Mango: So I admit I had high expectations for this I love my pineapple flavoured drinks. Mango is always a so so flavour with me, I mean I love mango but I find sometimes when it comes to drinks brands can fuck up the flavour BAD. So first smell of this it really reminded me of all of the vodka pre-mix drinks I drank when I was 18, specially the pineapple flavoured ones. When smelling these I did mentally prepare myself for what I thought would be a dose of diabetes in a can. Those pre-mixes were so damn sweet I remember I’d drink so much of them then have to eat something savoury to balance it out- plus I got drunk really easy because I slammed those Lolly waters down. Thankfully this wasn’t as sweet as it smelt. I did enjoy the fruity taste but to me it felt like more of a mango flavour with a pineapple aftertaste. The taste was nice but I honestly did like the peach flavour more.

So both of these were delightful and refreshing, I did like the peach more which to me is a big shock. I seriously would have put my money on the Pineapple and Mango flavour but I really did like the peach more. Of course I have included the brands website for you to check out and see if anywhere near you stocks them.

IM OUT!!!!

NOSH Boozy Seltzer


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