What What Perky Butt

Now this product was bought purely because my phone kept telling me to buy it. Its very obvious someone is listening to my whinging to my friends through my phone, because for months I was receiving advertisements for this B-Tight Anti Cellulite Boots Mask by Maelys Cosmetics. I admit my legs are top of the list for my worst feature. So I do complain about them to a lot of my close family members and friends. So I saw that this magical potion reduces cellulite, restores and tightens skin, effective at burning fat and increases skin firmness and elasticity. I mean come on by the sound of that it sound like amazing witchcraft! I had to try it.

So I saw online best to order 2 jars of the product because it takes up to 2 months to see results and a jar should last up to a month or so. So I bought 2 jars, it worked out ok with price because I was getting it shipped international I wanted to make sure I didn’t just get one little thing. It actually came pretty quickly which I was pleasantly surprised about (it came quicker than product I bought domestically). The jars are surprisingly large. When opening up to look at the product it smelt really nice, it had a sweet scent to it and was a really pretty pink colour. Now lets get into it. I applied the product every morning and night (side note wait 20 minutes before you apply after having a shower or working out), when applying it goes on nice and smooth and eventually heats up to create a increase in blood flow- basically the heating effect helps it work. On their website it said there was a gently warming sensation when you applied, for me it was very hot and it stuck around for hours! I felt like I had applies Deep Heat to my legs and the hot sensation just would not go away.

No with this heating situation I just left it throughout the day, it was hot but it wasn’t painful. I didn’t mind it too much due to the fact we are in Winter and it kept me nice and warm. At night that was a different story, I followed the recommendations and waited to apply after having a shower but I found that my skin was hot throughout the whole night I felt hot and not comfortable at all. This product did make my skin feel smother and I did notice slight changes in my legs I couldn’t stick it out for the whole two months I barely made it to one month. The heating sensation that they called “Gentle” wasn’t pleasant at all for me. This was a great product apart from the heating aspect it was just not good,It wasn’t comfortable I felt like I could feel the heat through my pants. I did give it a while to see if I would get used to it I couldn’t get used to it. Its a shame I couldn’t continue to see the final results since I did see a lot of positive reviews regarding this product so I do take it down to this might not be the product for me. I have included the website below for you to check out yourself they sell heaps of other skincare products.




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