Hard Cold Brew

Recently while looking for another product at the liquor store, I came across this can thinking it was espresso martini in a can. Listen to me trying to sound fancy and all, let’s say how it is – I went to the bottle shop and came across something that caught my eye. When I stopped and looked at the can I saw it’s a “Hard Cold Brew” not a term I’ve heard before but hey caffeine and buzz I’m sold. Spruce Coffee Hard Cold Brew is an Australian owned and made company (supporting Australian companies one drink at a time) and actually brewed in Melbourne (locals!). So the nitty gritty; this 250ml can costs $7.99 per can and is 0.8 Standard drinks. Now I’m a person that does really love her coffee and cold brew I do enjoy in the warmer months (no sugar /milk added- that’s blasphemy!) so I will say if you aren’t a big coffee lover/ cold brew lover maybe sit this one out.

Before I got to enjoy this bad boy I had to give it a shake for 3 seconds as the instructions stated, followed by a careful opening of the can avoiding any splashback. Trust me you do get splash back definitely open over the sink- I opened with caution but for some reason I still got a shock. Now let’s get into the taste. When trying this I seriously thought it was a delightful cold brew I seriously forgot it had alcohol in it, not going to lie I felt like it could be a regular morning cold brew I could have for on the go. I wouldn’t drink drink it every morning obviously (well if we go into lockdown ever again I might). The flavour was smooth and didn’t feel like an overpowering flavour of coffee was hitting you. I loved the fact I didn’t scrunch up my face after every sip due to the flavour or any overpowering alcohol flavours, it was refreshing and gave me the perfect caffeine hit without making me feel as if I was on drugs with my heart beating out of my chest.

Overall this actually was a pretty good idea and the taste was really good. I admit I’m such a picky bitch when it comes to pre made coffee drink I feel a lot of the time it’s coffee flavour (so it’s obviously fake coffee and tastes it too) or it’s really a coffee flavoured milkshake. I’m sorry but iced coffees in milk bottle are really coffee flavoured milk, sure it sends you to the toilet like a normal coffee does but it’s not a coffee. This cold brew was tasty and I really enjoyed drinking it, obviously with the low alcohol content you won’t really get a buzz from it but don’t let that put you off the flavour is just spot on. This has actually given me some ideas for some posts coming up so stay tuned friends. I’ve included the Hard Cold Brews website for you to check out yourself.

IM OUT!!!!



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