Now this is a classic

So recently the husband thought it would be fun to bring back a blast from the past from the liquor store. A Vodka Mudshake. This is basically a very milky alcoholic beverage that I remember drinking when I was a teenager and had no idea that alcohol and milk do not mix well. Well a bit in an espresso martini is ok (but I learnt that in my 30s). So this drink I remember at some point at a party there would be at least one person pulling one of these at some point of the night. But this was in the 2000’s and pretty much alcoholic lolly water was the beverage of choice. These vodka Mudshakes (or sometimes mudslides, I swear they were called Mudslides) also came in shots.

These shots were a shot glass that had a separator that had two types of alcohol to make these milky flavoured shots. I remember these white trash shots would always come out at a party when everyone was nice and tipsy and generally these ready made shots would come I’m a massive bucket. I say it would be a bucket of 30 shots, I don’t want to say 100 because that would be insanity. But these shots you had to drink with the shot glass divider in the centre otherwise you would be wearing half of the shot (me a lot of the time). But Im trailing off here these milky drinks I remember making me feel so sick and just throwing up everywhere that whenever I thought about them I almost dry reach. Honestly for ages all I could think of, when it came to the flavour was this horrible off milk flavour. So like an idiot Im giving this a go….

Now the first sip of this I thought ok not bad what was I getting so worried about this is delightful. The second sip however my early drinking years came streaming back to me. As delicious as it was it got very sickening quickly and I could feel my stomach hating me for drinking it. This drinks are not made for people in their 30s it was almost instant regret as I had to make a mad run to the toilet.

So this drink itself wasn’t to bad flavour wise I did have a horrible memory of it tasting bad but I’m starting to wonder if I’m just remembering the little shots taste and not the bottle drink (or maybe the vomit taste). I will say this much milk and alcohol do not mix, honestly it still baffles me how I used to see people drinking multiple bottles of this stuff (probably to get slightly buzzed and loose some weight). Its doesn’t strike me as a drink that should exist, it seems like a good idea maybe on paper as in its more like a Baileys and milk thats targeted for the younger demographic. Im not sure. But I am 100% curious who over the age of 25 drinks these drinks or very much similar to this? I just want to know, please tell me what you like about it and how many you have in a night. I must know.



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