These Masks Giving me ALL THE FEELS

Hello friends it’s been a hot minute since I’ve pampered myself and tried out some masks. So over the last few weeks I’ve been making some time to mask up and enjoy. I had got this mask pack a while ago from Mecca as a freebie. Stupid me didn’t realise it was 3 MASKS! I seriously thought it was one mask in a nice extra packaging, it says it contains 3 masks on the front! Anyways my stupidity aside this mask pack is from Patchology , I have tried one and had a positive experience with these so I’m not at all worried about any negative results. I have done some of this post in the past so enjoy.

The Good Fight

So this 10 minute mask is meant to make impurities and inflammation disappear which was 100% what I needed, my face has broken out something shocking. Damn being a female and hormones causing pimples every few weeks. So first of this mask smelt so good and I did feel so relaxed with it on. I felt like I was in a spa being pampered. God I wish that was true instead I was sitting in bed with an OODIE on with a mask on while watching Raya on Disney Plus.

Now I know I wasn’t to expect any miracles, I know masks don’t make the pimples disappear like that after one 10 minute use. But I will say this did help reduce the appearance and redness of some of my much larger pimples and any other gross crap on my face, they were still very much there but they weren’t as in your face about it. The next day however I saw a massive improvement in my skin all of the impurities were virtually almost gone and my skin looked so much more even tone to it.

Just Let it Glow

So I did review this mask last year after having spawn number 2, I wanted to try this again to see if the results would be a bit different because my hormones ares bat shit crazy. I wanted to use this mask before I put my make up on to see if it gave me that little bit extra glow. Also the fact I hadn’t had a decent nights sleep all week and was looking like total garbage and wanted to pamper myself a bit before I had to be social with people. So this mask is meant to help you look like “the ray of sunshine you are” in 10 minutes. Thank god! I needed it because I looked HORRIBLE!!*

So I put the mask on while I was starting my hair. Once the ten minutes were up I removed it and massaged the mask liquid/residue- I can’t make this not sound gross so I’ll roll with it by making it more gross. So I rubbed the masks jizz into my face and let it dry then began my makeup applications. This mask was the perfect pre-makeup mask, my skin looked amazing! This second time proved that this mask didn’t fluke it the first time with making my skin look brighter and feel nothing short of perfection. Yep I’m being that arrogant, it just made my skin look great and it even made my makeup sit so much better on my skin. I will for sure be stocking up on this mask.

*This mask was used before the Victoria lockdown number 5, back when I could see people

Get Dewy With It

This mask I will be absolutely honest I didn’t need to have any moisture to my face, my skin Ive been able to keep nice and hydrated lately. Keeping it very MOIST. Sorry had to do that, I still find it entertaining that people are so grossed out by the word. But anyway this was a little cheer up pamper because we were thrown back into a fifth, yes FIFTH lockdown. Yep its ridiculous Victoria in its fifth lockdown, at this point I don’t know why I keep up my skin care and keeping my weight down. I feel like I should just let my freak fly and eat everything and just rub bacon grease into my skin and see what happens. But I can’t do that, knowing my luck we will be released out of lockdown and I look like Fat Bastard from Austin Powers unable to leave my house. Plus I can’t let myself go what happens when I don’t fit my clothes anymore I can’t wait for my new larger clothes to arrive in the mail. Damnit Ill just have to continue to take care of myself (with my alcohol indulgence of course!).

Rambles over! This sheet mask goes on for 10 minutes and gives you a massive hit of hydration. So I put this on in the morning after I washed my face. It was really relaxing and calming while wearing it. After the 10 minutes were up I removed it and rubbed in the excess product into my face like the other masks and it was so smooth and fresh I seriously felt like I was on a skincare commercial. I seriously didn’t think my face was dry at all but after this mask it felt so amazing a fresh. I felt like I’d gone back in time and was a young duckling again.

So these masks were just what I needed my skin was nice and refreshed after each one, Im actually thinking I might buy a pile of these masks to keep in my bathroom just to give my skin that little extra BAM or just when I feel like giving myself a little pampering.



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