This Calls for a Marg

Lately I’ve been really hankering for something a bit more on the lemon/lime flavours. After a few homemade lemon flavoured cocktails and a terrible Limoncello experience (I really need a good cocktail recipe for it) I realised the flavour I’m wanting is a margarita. I don’t know why but I’ve just been craving that bitch so bad. Maybe it’s the fact I’m just wanting to chill out with a cocktail in the sun and for the COVID bullshit to end. My god I’m talking about it again, this really will be the last time I talk about COVID (well technically I’m whinging about it) but really I’m just sick of going in and out of lockdowns, constant restrictions and basically you can’t plan ahead for anything and if you do plan ahead there’s a high chance it will either get canceled or re-scheduled. I hate the fact that whenever I go out I have the fear that will this be a location someone whose infected has been and in say a weeks time I get a notification that it’s an exposure site and I have to get tested or even worse the kids have to. This is just bullshit! Ok I got that well and truly off of my chest let’s move on to this margarita in a bottle.

So I didn’t want to try and make a margarita I honestly just didn’t want the hassle, I just wanted it ready and made for me with as little effort on my part as possible. Now looking online at the liquor stores they had a lot of margarita mixes which really is just these sugary liquid that you buy then you have to buy the alcohol to mix in. Without fail with these mix ins I’ve found that they taste so sweet and so sugary I honestly feel diabetes strutting my way from it. But in my search I came across LEXINGTON HILL Margarita on the Rocks ready to drink margarita.

Lexington Hill Cocktail Club brings you Margarita on the Rocks, a perfect session cocktail mixing the finest blue agave tequila blanco, Continental Triple Sec liqueur and lime juice. Pour over ice in a tumbler glass, and squeeze in a fresh lime wedge for a perfect cocktail every time.

Dan Murphys Website

So this drink is 300ml and is 10.0%ALC/VOL. Its counted as 2 serves but….please this is one. This is the size of many other ready to drinks. But anyway this packaging looks really nice, its kind of throwing Great Gadsby vibes out there. So the taste of this, well I’m just going to say it straight out I loved it! It had that delicious citrus flavours to it without the over fill of sugar that so many bottled cocktails bring. I actually wished I bought more than one bottle, it defiantly felt like I had my own cocktail creator in my house. The alcohol you could tell it was there but it wasn’t too overpowering that you felt like you were drinking straight from a tequila bottle. Defiantly put this in a cocktail glass over some ice and add a little garnish to add that little extra to your cocktail experience.

Well this turned out to be a delightful little adventure, this brand actually make other cocktails (which you will see, stay tuned). I felt like I was in a cocktail bar enjoying this- I even took it up a notch by giving myself a little glam for this cocktail. Thats right I not only put it in a fancy glass I fancied myself up for this drink. Defiantly try this Marg in a bottle!

IM OUT!!!!


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