What’s all the Hub Bub?

LOTUS Biscoff is something I have seen everywhere, from cafes to protein shakes I have seen the Biscoff flavour. Over the last year maybe year and a half I have seen it everywhere! All these places selling this flavour. For this who aren’t familiar with this product, the LOTUS Biscoff is a biscuit with a caramel flavour to it. Its a European biscuit, Ive tried it once before and thought it was ok, it was just a biscuit that I had with a coffee and I didn’t really think anything of it. So this is why it was a bit weird to me that all of a sudden everyone was obsessing about this and they even bought out a cookie flavoured spread. Well get to the spread shortly. But this was becoming one of the weird fixations that everyone gets on a product that has been around for years (that nothing new) and they make EVERYTHING that flavour. For example I remember a few years ago Peanut butter was massive and everyone was making it out to be this new innovative product that no ones ever had before. I remember you couldn’t walk into a Cafe without a sign stating that they had something peanut butter flavour. This is pretty much the same deal everywhere I go there is some sort of advertising going on saying they have Biscoff flavoured this or that.

So when people got wind of the spread it took off even more and Im not going to lie this intrigued me a little. Frankly the thought of a company turning a biscuit into a spread and nailing it I had to see. I mean really Ive tasted things that were apparently meant to be cinnamon doughnut flavour and it just tasted like cinnamon. But I wanted to mainly really see what the big deal is with this product. Why is everyone obsessing about this spread?

So with trying it it is delicious I have no issue with the taste what so ever. You could taste the cinnamon and it had a different (but tasty) caramel flavour to it. I think the cinnamon made it less of like the run of the mill caramel flavour. It did taste like I was eating a cookie in spread form, which out of honesty is pretty impressive that this was translated so well from cookie to spread form. But I found that the flavour of the spread really only worked by itself, when it was on anything I found it made the food fell too much and honestly a little sickening. I tried this spread on bread, crackers, rice cakes apples and celery and I found it wasn’t something that could go on anything. The flavour was nice as something on its own, maybe get a teaspoon of it here and there and just indulge but other than that I didn’t like it on anything. Now I did try with a few other member of my household to see if they would like it and they felt the same way, it was great by itself but not on anything. This is also an opinion of a 6 year old! A kid that is a crackhead for sugar that didn’t like this on a sandwich, the kid that if she was given the chance would eat a million Nutella sandwiches.

The flavour I found was good since this is a spread I’d of wanted it to be able to go on something other than a teaspoon. I want to remind everyone that this is my personal opinion, others might think differently about it. As far as this spread goes I am keeping it and we will no doubt finish the jar at some point but I don’t think we’ll really go out of our way to go buy it, maybe unless we suddenly have the craving for it or it happens to be on Special at the Supermarket, I don’t know. I will say what really impressed me is that it tasted exactly like the biscuit, not an interpretation of the cookie or just just caramel spread with Lotus slapped on the jar with no thought at all. So I will give the spread some points for that. I still am not quite sure of why this is so big, its a nice flavour but its not ground breaking. I feel like this will be another phase I just won’t get like the Nutella and the peanut butter phases that everyone seemed to go nuts with.

Try it for yourself and if you haven’t tried the biscuits get those too, so you can compare and for the love of god someone tell me whats the big deal with it.

IM OUT!!!!


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