Lets make some Heat-less Curls……creatively

Hello friends so I had been seeing a lot of videos online showing ways to create heatless curls for your hair. One of which is numerous women using a what looks like a bendy foam tube and rolling your hair over it (yes one big tube) and they wake up with these amazing curls. Now I did want to try this because honestly I thought this looks like a load of crap. I mean yes it would curl the front of the hair but what about the back. I wanted to prove myself wrong but I really didn’t want to pay money for a foam tube that really looked like a giant bendy foam curler. Does anyone remember those curlers? So I started to see other ways in which people curled their hair without heat or with you know curlers and I came across a way similar to the foam tube but instead using a dressing gown cord.

So with this technique really all you needed was a Dressing Gown Cord and some Hair Ties or Scrunchie. It was kind of different from person to person with how you would do this, some people were saying with wet hair, others said hair about 80% dry and others said dry and spritz it when wrapped up. But I decided to do this with dry hair, mainly because it was supposed to be kept in overnight and I honestly didn’t want to go to sleep with wet hair in Winter plus my hair can curl really well because of its texture I guess.

With this all you had to do was put the cord on your head and start wrapping your hair around the cord. What I did was (by following a video direction) was start at the top with a smaller section of hair wrap it around the cord then as I’m about to wrap again add another section to the hair and wrap. So basically adding to the hair as I’m wrapping it around, kind of like what you do when doing french braids, adding until all of the hair is up. It was a little weird at the end when trying to keep it together a lot of videos didn’t show that part but I did see some just simply tied it up at the ends so that what I did with scrunchies. A few other people put hair spray in after it was wrapped, I didn’t do it mainly because I didn’t have any handy and I don’t really like putting hair spray in my hair when I curl it.

I will state this I don’t like having my hair up or in braids or anything I like my hair out so this was already looking to be a bit of a challenge. When I went to bed it wasn’t that bad to sleep on my back it was actually oddly comfortable. Because the way the end of the hair in the scrunchies fell it kind of felt like I was wearing a neck pillow. I was so comfortable I stayed on my back the whole night as if I was on a flight. I did attempt on my side but it wasn’t comfortable. In the morning I released my hair and I was really surprised with he quality of the end result. It actually looked good (minus the fly ways). It did look good didn’t look AMAZING but it worked, I will say that the back wasn’t as good as the front but I kind of was expecting that because how it was done. But it didn’t look that bad I woke up and my hair was essentially done and I looked like I had my shit together.

This was a pretty interesting experiment, I am shocked it worked and the curls didn’t look bad at all. The back I would tweak a bit but other than that I really was pleasantly surprised with this. If you do this before you go to sleep keep in mind that you do have to sleep in this so make sure you make it so you can sleep with all this on your hair. By the way after reviewing the photos for this post I really need to think about retiring this pyjama top its looking rough!



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