Air Fryer Doughnuts

Still refusing to install Tik Tok on my phone, especially now since pretty much every tik tok videos is now on Instagram reels. I did come across a food hack on Instagram. I love these hacks they are different and I’m always curious to see if they work. So this one really caught my eye. It’s how to make your own jam doughnuts in the air fryer! So apparently these are low calorie doughnuts (I don’t care about that), with the original recipe I required coconut oil, stevia and sugar free jam….I have none of those and Im really trying to avoid going to the supermarket multiple times in the week. But I did follow the hack (sort of but tweaked it a little, I will say these are not low calorie doughnuts these are fatty fat fat – but really if you have one or two every now and then its not bad.


Buy some Brioche sliders from the supermarket and hollow them out through a small hole. If you have a meat injector (I’m not 100% on what the name for it is- if I’m right please tell me), it looks like a giant needle you use for adding flavour to meat- my husband loves to BBQ. So what I did was insert the injector and kind of move it around a bit so then the bread inside was kind of pushed to the side and made a spot for the jam without having to make a massive hole on the bun.


Now originally on the hack they used coconut oil. Mine seemed to have gone walk about so I lightly spread some margarine over the buns.


I slightly melted some raspberry jam in the microwave and put it in the injector and injected the buns with jam. This was the fun part.


We put the buns in the air fryer and cooked them for a few minutes. The hack didn’t give any specifics on the temperature or time for this so we had to wing it. These cooked quickly so make sure you keep and eye on them just aim for them to be nice and crispy. Once ready remove from air fryer and dip into Cinnamon sugar and enjoy.

So with this little food adventure, it actually worked they tasted a lot like a deep fried jam doughnut that you can buy from markets or fairs or anything like that (basically anything that involves stalls and being outdoors). It was so delicious, I was really surprised how well it worked. Ours did get a little dark in colour because we left them for a minute too long. It looked over cooked but seriously by the taste you couldn’t tell at all. This was actually a great hack give it a go.

If you want to take a look for yourself at the hack Ive included the Tik Tokers link below :




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