Another bit of NOSH

So it wasn’t that long ago that I took No.Sh Boozy seltzer for a little test drive and the results were fairly positive. Naturally when I saw that they released a new flavour I had to try this out. So this seltzer is only 89 calories which is pretty good if your trying to still drink while not gaining a heap of weight while in a lockdown (if you are in lockdown, in my mind everyone is in lockdown). This flavour is a very unique flavour s far a seltzers go, Ive never seen a Cola flavoured seltzer. It got my attention, its a very weird flavour to have in seltzer form. All that came to mind was that it would be like when you go to McDonalds and order a Cola and they haven’t mixed the syrup in enough and it tastes very watery but with a hint of Cola. I don’t know I had to try it its not a flavour Id imagine going with seltzer.

So let’s try this bad boy out shall we. Smelling it I swear it smelt almost like a lighter scented Jack Daniels and Coke. When it came to tasting it , honestly this flavour was a strange one I couldn’t pin point exactly what it tasted like. So many things came to mind, at first I kind of got a hint of lemon which was weird I don’t now where that came from. But the flavour I could kind of relate this taste to is it was a cola flavoured low sugar, low fat lolly. It was a watered down interpretation of what cola flavour should test like. The peach seltzer from this brand was so spot on and amazing but this flavour just didn’t sit right with me, I feel like this is a good idea on paper but in reality it just didn’t work for me.

So this was interesting to say the least, I wouldn’t buy this flavour again I personally wasn’t a fan. I won’t let this flavour stop me from trying out any new flavours NO.SH bring out. Brands don’t nail it every time. I would like to make a little reminder that these are my personal opinions, people might think otherwise but Id rather share my honest opinion on something than spit bullshit. Alrighty then, if you want to check out my original post on NO.SH seltzers (I did call them NOSH- Stupid auto spell) the link is below.




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