Boxtail Hour

Hello friends, sorry there was no post last week. I’m currently still in lockdown and because of that mail is very delayed so things I planned on trying out have taken a lot longer to arrive and also I have had a few technical difficulties with my internet (since pretty much everyone in the state is using it constantly). But anyway fortunately some good news came my way and a new product was released AND available to buy in stores right near my house! So I have mentioned regularly that I just want a cocktail that I don’t have to make. I do like making cocktails I really do but at the moment I just don’t want to clean up the mess being stuck in my house non stop I have cleaned so much to keep myself busy and I like to enjoy my cocktail without having to worry about the clean up. All I’d have to do is toss the bottles/ boxes away and call it a day. I just want to go out and have an adult night with cocktails and wear something uncomfortable but that’s not happening anytime soon so I’m looking for a ready to drink cocktail I can enjoy in Leggings.

In comes BASIC BABE BOXTAILS, these cute cocktail boxes I have been counting down to try ever since they announced them. So Basic Babe are a brand that started off selling alcoholic flavoured sparkling water (ohh I should give these a go too) so now they have ventured into cocktails which is perfect timing. They bought out BOXTAILS into the world, perfect timing. So these are cask cocktails, they come in 3 different flavours: Raspberry Lime Margarita, Pink Gin Daiquiri and Passionfruit Martini. I only got the raspberry and lime and the pink gin to try out, I thought those two would be right up my alley. Honestly it wasn’t until I got home the flavours looked like they would be very similar. Oh well let’s get this show on the road!

This Australian based company have made these cocktails low calories so you can enjoy these bad boys guilt free. Obviously with a lot of cask cocktails they are generally very sugary and contains a lot of calories. Me on the other hand I don’t give a shit cocktails are my treat for eating well so I don’t care about cocktails calories- but this is a bonus. I started off with the Pink Gin cocktail, I’ve only recently really given Gin a chance, obviously in my youth I tried the cheap brands and that’s what really turned me off of it. With Gin (and pretty much most alcohol) you get what you pay for. So this flavour was just delightful the strawberries and lime worked in perfect with the gin. I didn’t feel like the flavours were slapping me in the face. This flavour was a great mix of strawberries and lime with the strawberry being the more dominant flavour. The lime was in there for sure but I could definitely taste the strawberry more.

The raspberry and lime margarita (why didn’t it register that I bought two lime and berries flavoured boxes! IDIOT) the flavours again weren’t smack in the face and overly sweet. This was interesting when I put this in my glass it came out a nice red colour, so I assumed the flavour would be more towards the raspberry side with a little lime. I was wrong. It was more towards the lime flavour with a slight after taste of raspberries . It was a nice change up from the pink gin and I did like the lime flavour.

Both of these Boxtails flavours were just refreshing and very dangerous because they weren’t in your face sickening sweet flavour it was so easy to drink. Because the sweetness was not as strong and the alcohol itself didn’t over power the cocktail I felt like it was so easy to drink down and enjoy without feeling any burning or making you get that alcohol shudder. We all know sometimes alcohol after you drink it you can shudder, well I know it definitely makes people do it when they take a shot. If you don’t you are someone people need to fear. Anyhoo I did enjoy these in a cocktail glass because, I mean why not it did make the lockdown drinks in my backyard more enjoyable and as if I had my own bar, I will be trying out the Passionfruit flavour no, I mean I have to I can’t just try two out of the three. Plus I like Passionfruit. Of course I’ve included a link to the BASIC BABE website for you to check out their products and see if they stock near you.


Basic Babe


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