This is sad to admit but I only got interested in this brand because I saw a few empty cans laying out on a nature strip one morning while out for my walk (yep painting a fantastic picture of where I live). I saw the cans and saw the giant & on on the can. What the hell is this I thought to myself and when I saw it was low sugar, low carbs, gluten free and has low calories I then thought We’ve come along way from leaving cheap beer bottles and empty Jim Beam bottles on the nature strip. So I looked into the brand a bit more when I got home and found they had a number of different drinks besides Vodka and Soda. One of which caught my eye was the Vodka and Soda with Passionfruit. I had to try this one out for sure, it worked out perfect timing too with us having a few warmer sunny days in Melbourne I thought these would be just delightful outside in the sun (most likely while my pastey vampire like skin burns from the sunlight) in my backyard, since my backyard is the hottest spot in town followed by the couch.

I couldn’t find these at the liquor store right near my house, but was fortunate enough to go for a little drive the the bigger one down the road (I don’t know why I don’t just go to the bigger one). So these are 6% ALC/vol for a 335ml can and $25.99 for a pack of 4. It’s a little expensive compared to say a White Claw ($22.99) but I will straight out and say this was so delicious. So the price is justified for the amazing taste. It went down so easy and gave a delightful Passionfruit aftertaste. It did taste a lot like a seltzer rather than vodka soda, but I’m not complaining. The Passionfruit flavour was well balanced and didn’t feel like a sugar overload or a watered down bland interpretation of how a sugar free version of Passionfruit should taste. I loved the simple packaging that this drink came in, the all black can- it stood out in the fridge at the liquor store.

This was a refreshing, delicious drink to enjoy especially after last week with riots in Melbourne and an earthquake- it definitely took the edge off of the shit week. I do think this would be a great summer drink to enjoy (or winter) the fact that it’s so tasty and easy to drink is a little dangerous (drink responsibility) I found I was enjoying it too much that the 4 pack disappeared really quickly. If you are trying to keep your calories in check or trying to keep away from sugar or gluten just this a go this was really light and didn’t compromise the flavour with it being sugar free. I’ve attached the website below for you to take a look and see some of the products and stockists.



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