Nitro Cocktails

I stumbled across these while looking for something else recently. It seems that’s how I discover new types of drinks and well pretty much anything. I’m looking for one thing then come across something completely different- but then forgets to keep looking for what I’m originally looking for. So its no secret I’ve been looking for a good Ready to Drink cocktail to enjoy at home and seeing these I just had to try them out, I mean how could I not. Now I did have to look up what the significance of the Nitro in the name. If you are wondering no it’s not just a fancy name for the drinks. The brands name is FUNKIN. These are cold brewed with nitrogen to give the cocktails a nice creamy taste and texture. Making them feel more like a proper cocktail rather than fizzy flavoured syrup.

I admit I did stand in the liquor store researching these drinks like the weird individual I am- but really how could I not. Plus a swarm of less desirable customers we’re keeping the stores staff busy. So anyway I bought two different cocktails which I knew I always love (so these better not ruin my favourites) Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri. When it came to trying these out you do have to make sure you mix up the contents of the can obviously the drink has settled and needs to be mixed up again. No do not shake up the can (or do see what happens- wear white) just simply rotate the can, pour into a glass and wait a minute to let the foam head form.

I should have taken my own advice with the first drink, the Strawberry Daiquiri. Like the ignorant idiot I am I chose not to dirty another glass and just drank from the can. It was a delightful smooth creamy drink and the strawberry flavour was spot on. The only down side to this drink was when I hit the bottom of the can and I got the sour flavour As if all of the sugary syrup had sunk down (or my dumbass didn’t mix it up enough). It was a nice experience up until the end. After that I learnt my lesson, made sure I mixed up the drink well and used a glass. With the Pina Colada I added some ice as recommended on the can to help with the experience. Hands down put these drinks in a glass! This was just amazing! I felt like I was at a bar in Hawaii, the flavours were so creamy and it tasted like a freshly made Pina Colada. The creaminess wasn’t overwhelming and sickening. The coconut and pineapple flavours worked beautifully with this drink, it didn’t feel like one flavour was fighting the other. I wish I bought more than one!!

So these cans individually are $6.99 and $24.99 for a four pack. I honestly say this is fairly response considering on average cocktails cost $10 upwards depending on the location. So the price is not bad these cocktails are 5% alc/vol which again isn’t too bad it’s about standard for a cocktail- with the exception of some cocktails that have higher and cause you to go from respectable adult to slurring puddle. These were just delightful to drink, the flavours were delicious and the smoothness of the drink gave it that little extra. I did forget these were alcoholic, which was great because I didn’t feel like I was being knocked out by alcohol. I wanted to enjoy these. Both drinks worked out amazing and I really enjoyed them while sitting back one afternoon.



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