Another round with OLAPLEX

I’ve been using OLAPLEX for a few years now. It’s one of the products that I personally have found to help with my hairs overall health. I started off with the NO.3 Hair Perfector back when I was bleaching my hair, I used it as a mask before washing and conditioning my hair with my normal shampoo (salon brand products- no supermarket/chemist shit for me). It helped my hair significantly and because of my regular use it’s helped my hairs overall strength. Back then OLAPLEX had a few steps system with the products in order to help with hairs health at home between salon trips. Over the years more products have become available and the step system has gotten a bit bigger. I thought why not try a few of these products and see what happens to my hair.


NO. 0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment

So this is the first step, this is meant to prime the hair to give it a deeper repair. So this one and the NO.3 I got in a smaller size travel pack. Mainly just thought the kit looked cute and I also wanted to try the NO.0 (the small size only came in a pack). So with this step you have to make sure your hair is nice and dry. Apply product to all of the hair and saturate it. Leave it in your hair for 10 minutes- don’t rinse! Jump onto step two.


No.3 Hair Perfector

This stuff I have used before and it does do wonders for hair repair. Now I really want to put this out there, this stuff does repair hair but if your hair is absolutely butchered as in your now on YouTube for an epic hair bleach fail which has resulted in hair hanging by a thread- this won’t fix it. I’m not a hairdresser but I have seen some people who have bitched that this doesn’t do a thing and I’ve seen the quality of their hair before-hand and it has been in a horrible state that most hairdressers would say “we need to chop off your hair”. When I first used this year’s ago my hair wasn’t damaged to the point of no return, it was a little damaged from the bleach but it was salvageable. What this stuff does is Repairs damaged and compromised hair, Strengthens and protects hair structure And Restores healthy appearance and texture – as stated on OLAPLEX website. It does just this but remember to be realistic if your hair is completely dead it’s not going to bring it back to life. That said I was excited to try this with the primer. After leaving the primer in for 10minutes I covered the hair with NO.3 and left it for a further 10 minutes. As soon as the 10 minutes we’re up I rinsed and shampooed.



After you rinse out the first two steps give your hair a good shampoo.


NO.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

This has become my regular conditioner, it smooths down my hair and helps keep my frizziness down. This is great as a regular conditioner, it keeps adding to your hairs overall health. After shampooing apply to hair and leave in for 3 minutes then rinse.


NO.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask

This intense mask is to “adds shine, smoothness & body while providing intense moisture to treat damaged hair” –Olaplex Website. This was an interesting mask while a lot of the other products tell you to be generous with how much you apply with this product. With damp hair add product sparingly to the ends and work through with fingers. Best to start with two pumps (shoulder length hair) and add a little more if your hair is thick or long and less if you have thin or short hair. Leave in for 10 minutes and rinse.


NO.6 Bond Smoother

This is the final step to my little experiment. This one you are out of the shower and dressed. This is the final product, this will help the hair prepare for the day. “N°6 strengthens, moisturizes, and speeds up blow-dry times. Excellent for all hair types, including colored and chemically treated hair, and eliminates frizz and flyaways for up to 72 hours” – OLAPLEX WEBSITE. With this, again use only a small amount. Apply small amount to damp or dry hair mainly focus on mid length to end then comb through your hair. Style as usual. With this definitely apply a small amount I went a bit nuts the first time I used this and it made my hair an oily mess. Less is more.

So obviously the OLAPLEX NO.4 Shampoo was missing from the little experiment. That was done on purpose, this was purely down to a bad experience with the shampoo. While I do like OLAPLEX earlier this year I decided to try out the shampoo with the conditioner since I’ve had such a great experience with the conditioner and the hair perfector. But the shampoo didn’t mesh with my hair, it caused me to get a reaction. I started to get an itchy flaky scalp- I looked like I had dandruff BAD. It wasn’t great I was paranoid I had head lice because there was an infestation at the spawns school and it turned out to be a freakin reaction to my shampoo! This was my own personal experience the shampoo didn’t go with my hair but everything else, perfect. So from using all of the products I was happy with the end result for sure, amazing! The only two things that I have a slight problem with is; one the price. It’s $50 for such a small bottle while you are paying for a quality product that actually works it is expensive I will say that. Two in order to do the step system correctly you have to make sure you have time to do this I mean you leaving product in your hair for a period of time before you rinse and add the next product. Three of these require 10 minutes and one for 3 minutes for the products to sit in your hair before you rinse. This explains why people can’t make plans sometimes because they are “washing their hair”, it because they’re using OLAPLEX. Although it did take a bit of time and a lot of in and out of the shower situations because I didn’t want to waste water I did like this whole experience. I did notice a significant improvement in my hair and it just felt all over better. It actually encouraged me to put some effort into my appearance, I had the best hair in the…..lounge room (still in lockdown). I’ve left the OLAPLEX website below check it out for what would suit you best. For people who don’t have the time for the long process maybe try the conditioners begin with and see how you go.




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