Cocktail Hour with JELLY BEANS!

So the countdown is on for Halloween. If your wondering HELL YES I am celebrating that shit I’m so excited, both the oldest spawn and I have actually. So what is one of the things that go with Halloween…..Treats! Sugary deliciousness that makes everyone hyper and with adults some enjoyment followed by regret because there was no adult to stop you from over indulging. So anyway while in the supermarket I was looking through the front display that happened to have all of the treats for Halloween and I came across this one item that stood out of the rest. It wasn’t a multi pack of mini chocolate bars- perfect size for trick or treating. No it was a box of Jelly Beans, cocktail flavoured jelly beans. I had to get them! To make this even more amazing these Jelly Beans were from Jelly Belly.

I love Jelly Belly jelly beans they just are so delicious. These and the starburst mini jelly beans (which I cannot find anywhere!! If you know where to get them in Melbourne please contact me with the details) are my favourite types. These mini jelly bean I love mainly because as a kid I used to have the no name brand large jelly beans, oh god I hated those. I think that’s why I stayed clear of any jelly beans for years- well until my adulthood. Anyway Jelly Belly’s are so good but the price for what you get is a bit insane so this really is a treat. So back to the little box of deliciousness, these beans flavours are all inspired from Classic cocktails. The cocktails included are: Margarita, Peach Bellini, Pina Colada, Pomegranate Cosmo and Strawberry Daiquiri. This is one top notch line up right there, all the amazing flavours taken from those iconic cocktails- let’s dive in!

I originally wanted this box to last the entire week with me only tasting one or two of each flavour. Yeah it didn’t pan out that way. I slammed that shit down like there was no tomorrow. Eat bean tasted like I was eating a non- alcoholic version of that particular cocktail. I’m amazed that they were able to capture the flavours of each cocktail and put them into treat form. With each one of them they didn’t just give us a fruit flavour and just try to pass it off as a cocktail (eg. Pineapple flavour for Pina Colada). Each bean felt like they were more than just a plain fruit flavour they felt like they had more depth to them. From Pina Colada to Margarita I could instantly identify each bean flavours.

These are a perfect non-alcoholic edible alternative to cocktails. They were so delicious I really wish I had some right now! These are perfect for the adults wanting to indulge this Halloween on treats but can’t enjoy a cocktail. Also, The box itself looks really nice and would be great to include with a gift (yep I’m already thinking about Christmas) as that little extra. This was a fun sugary treat. Apologies for the delay in posting this.



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