Happy Halloween!


It’s time to costume up and have a little fun! Whether it be trick or treating or attending a party or even just hanging at home watching a scary movie. Just enjoy your day.

This year we added a few more decorations to our house, fortunately for us we stuck to decorating inside. Victoria had a hurricane hit on Friday and if we decorated out front of our house I could only imagine where they would have ended up. I thought I might share a few decorations we included around the house and some small things to help bring out the Halloween spirit.


I found that hanging lights around were a lot more fun to set the mood rather than actual decorations mainly because at night we can turn all the lights off and just had the small lights light up the room. I left a bowl of treats out for trick or treaters while we were out trick or treating and not one kid took one! What the hell! Now I’m stuck with a shit load of treats.


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