These are my PALS

These across one day in the liquor store. I was actually going in to get something else but there *WARNING KARENS* was two women with trolleys blocking the fridge talking where the item was and everytime I tried to ask to get through they would ignore me and when I gave up and tried to quickly grab the item I was hurled with “fucking social distance” and “wait!”. So I thought I’d look around the store to save myself an earful and wait until they moved so I came across these (and a few other items for future posts) and these caught my eye. I ended up buying these to give a go aswell as a few other items. I didn’t end up buying what I had originally planned to because the last of that item was in the fridge and those women refused to move even after a long time of me looking around and they didn’t move they just talked and abused anyone who got close to them. I’m sorry I don’t get why not move?! They weren’t even buying anything from the fridge they were talking and just really being difficult for the sake of being difficult. Sorry had to share that, these women weren’t as bad as what I’ve seen on the internet (my god they are next level asshole) but I just don’t understand why people are being dicks lately.

Anyway so when I was paying for these the woman serving me mentioned that these have really taken off and that everyone seems to really like these. Well that perked me right up knowing I made the right choice. So naturally when I got home I did a bit of a look into PALS. PALS is a New Zealand company (branching out trying something from New Zealand) that create premium spirits with real fruit extract. These delightful alcoholic beverages are all-natural, low sugar, vegan friendly, gluten-free and don’t contain any artificial sweeteners, preservatives or ingredients. What I got from my research was that they have made a drink that’s so good that it feels like you have made it yourself and that it’s free from all the crap. They do have other flavours but at the time all they had available in store was 3 flavours, so I think this is a good start.

Vodka Peach Passionfruit and Soda Okay okay this isn’t too bad, I definitely tasted the Passionfruit for sure. The peach was the secondary character to this show but it wasn’t overlooked it definitely came afterwards but was a pleasant change from the Passionfruit, it was like the flavour slowly morphed into another.

ALC/VOL: 4.5%, 1.2 Standard Drinks, 103 Calories

Vodka Watermelon Mint and Soda HOLY CRAP this tastes like a watermelon mojito! This is amazing! The watermelon and mint go together to well it kind of reminds me of a watermelon mojito.

ALC/VOL: 4.5%, 1.2 Standard Drinks, 129 Calories

Vodka Mango Pineapple and Soda Ohh this was a lovely little holiday in my mouth. The tropical flavours always go together so well. I have got into pineapple and mango smoothies alot lately and this definitely reminds me of them……in cocktail-ish form.

ALC/VOL: 4.5%, 1.2 Standard Drinks, 102 Calories

Each one of these drinks were so light and refreshing that I could have drank so many without realising. Well that until I stood up and fell down. Lucky for me I didn’t do that, not yet anyway. I could see why I was told they were so popular each flavour was spot on. I felt like I knew what each flavour was I didn’t have to look at the can to see what I was drinking. These drinks are a perfect drink for those who are wanting low calories- we are headed into summer I know a lot of people are looking for the lighter alternative. If you aren’t these still are amazing to drink. With these because they aren’t pumped with sugar, you don’t feel as dehydrated or in need to have something savoury to balance out the over sweetness. Does anyone else do that? Say if I have too many lollies I start to feel sick and I can’t just put the bag away and lay on the couch dying. I have to have something savoury like a slice of meat or some crackers/chips to kind of counter balance the sugar overload. I sometimes have to do that with drinks, I’m not talking about being drunk and wanting to slam down pizza I’m talking I need one or two small bites of something savoury to make me feel less like I’m going to throw up. Ok so the drinks won’t do that. Check these guys out I’ve included their website below.




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