Christmas Themed Yoghurt!

While walking through the fridge section of the supermarket some specific yoghurt caught my eye. Christmas flavoured Greek yoghurt and not just any Greek Yoghurt, CHOBANI Greek Yoghurt. This brand Greek Yogurt’s hands down the best, for years I’ve been buying this brand. I love the flavours and I never feel heavy or overly full from the diary. I had to buy these yoghurts! Now apart of this Christmas collection they had a FLIP Yoghurt, pouch yoghurt and a pot yoghurt all different Christmas themed flavours. For those who are watching what they are eating over the holidays ( I’m not! I’m ready to party!) I have included the calories for each yoghurt. So let’s get into it shall we….


Ok so Chobani Flips are a flavoured yoghurt with a small section of crunchy goodness to add to your yoghurt. It’s more of a dessert yoghurt. This is Low Fat Cookies Flavoured yoghurt with Graham Cookie, Butter Graham Crunch and Milk Chocolate. It’s 157calories so not to bad for a Christmas cookie treat. I only say that because usually at this time of year (and Easter) social media is flooded with posts about how unhealthy certain holiday foods (and alcohol) are as a way to kind of shit all over treating ourselves these holidays. I am very much aware that shortbread and sugar cookies aren’t good for you but who cares live a little! Anyway, this delightful sweet treat was so delicious. It wasn’t overly sweet that it was sickening, the crunch in the yoghurt was just the perfect mixture and the crunch didn’t go soggy. I liked the chocolate chips, it was a nice mixture of cookies and chocolate chips it added that little extra to the mix. I think that if it didn’t have the chocolate chips mixed in the cookie mix could have been a bit boring in the flavour department. The chocolate helped add a bit extra texture to the mix too.


So I find that people either love fruit mince pies or they hate them, I myself love myself a mince pie at Christmas. I always get so excited when they bring them out with all of the Christmas stock in at supermarket (you know in early September). So this I am excited for. This pot is Spiced Raisin Greek Yogurt which is 159calories. Just a little FYI If you have never had this brand before, with their pot yoghurts the yoghurt itself is plain Greek yoghurt with the flavour at the bottom of the pot. So you have to mix up the pot before you eat it. With this flavour I could tell it was fruit mince pie flavour and it wasn’t bad at all but I did find that it felt a little diluted. It wasn’t as in your face as I would have hoped. Mince pies have such a big flavour that hits you and this was a bit bland. Because it was yoghurt I could assume this was why and maybe they wanted to keep the calories down or something like that. Don’t get me wrong this wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t making me want more and more like I would with a normal mince pie (I’m a crack head with those).


This pouch yoghurt is Gingerbread Greek Yoghurt which is 102calories, not bad for a snack . Ohhhh this is the one this is delicious! I was squeezing so hard to see if I could get every drop of yoghurt out. It was deliciously creamy with the distinctive Gingerbread taste. I wasn’t searching for the flavour and it didn’t taste like a fake interpretation of how it should taste. Instantly I could tell it was gingerbread I definitely loved this one the best.

These yoghurt treats were a great way to start off the Christmas countdown. I am so ready to kick off the Christmas celebrations, I’m so excited! I’m feeling in the mood to celebrate this year (which is a change) I’m still not too keen on the Christmas store crowds. I mean seriously the second it hits December everyone goes insane. Anyhoo what’s your favourite Christmas Holiday food? Mince Pies are mine hands down, come to think of it I really need to get some!

IM OUT!!!!


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