Eggnog Again

That’s right friends…..we’re trying eggnog again!! Some new flavoured eggnog has been released this year and naturally I had to try it out to fill myself with Christmas spirit. This year PAULS have released two new flavours of Eggnog along with the original flavour. I managed to get my little hands on ones to take for a test drive. I purchased the Bundaberg Rum flavoured Eggnog. So this is a non-alcoholic eggnog, it’s eggnog with rum flavour but no booze. This isn’t a bad idea, I do like eggnog but I do find it tastes a lot better when there’s a bit of rum or whiskey with it. So if you want to enjoy it with the alcohol flavour but obviously can’t due to driving or whatever time of day it is or whatever reasons you can’t drink alcohol this is a good idea.

So when I opened up the bottle I was instantly knocked down by the smell of the Bundaberg rum. The smell was so strong! Even though the obvious lack of alcohol I get like it was going to make me wasted by the smell. The smell was so strong if I was pulled over the police would no doubt smell me and assume I’m McDrunk. So the taste, I’m honestly not the biggest fan of Bundaberg Rum. I like the soft drinks they make, but the rum isn’t really my favourite so this did give me somewhat low expectations with this drink. The flavour wasn’t too bad to be honest, it gave it the little extra kick that it needed but without the alcohol factor. I will say that it did have a bit of a funky aftertaste, as in the aftertaste didn’t come instantly after drinking it. I did like this a lot the flavours were perfect and executed perfectly. I will say that I could only have a small amount at a time, this did turn on me after a while- it may or may not have been the dairy I’m not sure.

This actually was surprisingly good, I did enjoy this eggnog a lot. Looking on the back this actually contains no more than 0.5% Alcohol- so basically nothing. I did like this and if I ever want to avoid alcohol at Christmas (and it’s not a hot day- remember it’s summer at Christmas here) but still wanted the flavours this would be the go, it’s like a mocktail almost. But I still prefer the good old eggnog with a bit of booze added to it. Fortunately for me with the weather going from hot to cold I was able to take this eggnog for a test drive on a cooler day I could think of nothing worse than milk on a hot day. Anyone automatically think of that scene in Anchorman when Ron Burgundy goes “Milk was a Bad Choice” or just me? So PAULS Eggnogs, give them a try if you want to give Eggnog a little go. Warning please do not cheap out and buy eggnog flavoured milk, trust me I have tried that and it’s a train ride to the toilet. Buy the proper stuff!



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