Chocolate PIMMS

To me nothing says Summer like a delicious jug of a Pimms cocktail. I saw these in the supermarket and thought YESSSSS I need this! I actually always like that around Christmas time they bring out chocolates with alcohol flavours (but don’t actually contain alcohol), it always catches my eye because I’m curious on how it could go with taste. I always see Baileys chocolates but I’ve never seen a Pimms chocolate so this was very interesting. I like Pimms I would like to drink it more but I honestly love it when it made at a bar fresh compared to when I make it at home (I always get the ratios off). So this chocolate cost me about $10, yep I spent $10 on chocolate. It’s a bit expensive for chocolate so I’m hoping it tastes amazing.

Ok when opening up the box I was surprised to see all of the chocolates individually wrapped, for some unknown stupid reason I thought these all would be in one bag. I’m thinking it might be because the box is similar to a box of jelly bean I tried out a few weeks ago. So the chocolates themselves looked pretty good they made me think of a fancy box of chocolates- very inviting. So smelling the chocolates I didn’t get a real scent of Pimms, I was actually looking forward to having the Pimms scent. I like the smell of Pimms I wish I could find it in a candle or wax melt form, if anyone knows where I can get a Pimms scented candle or wax melt please hit me up. Back to the chocolate, the smell was slightly there but it wasn’t as in your face as I was hoping it would be. The flavour, so it was very creamy- the inside was a beautiful pastel orange which was nice. The texture was great but I will say I was disappointed with this. I was expecting a creamy fruity flavour mixed in with Pimms. I felt like this was very flat I had to really search for the citrus flavours and the Pimms taste was barely there. The chocolates weren’t bad don’t get me wrong but the flavours just weren’t there. I get more flavour in a block of Cadbury chocolate and that’s half the price of these chocolates. I wanted the citrus flavours to sweep me off my feet instead it was very meh.

This was a bit of a disappointment, I’m hoping I’m not the only one who felt this way about them. These weren’t bad I just think there definitely is room for improvement with the flavours. I want to bite into these a feel like I’m enjoying a fresh jug of Pimms with the fruit floating inside while I’m outside (under an umbrella- my pals ass would burn in direct sunlight) on a warm day.

First of all I will address the fact that this post is one posted on a Friday and two was technically meant to be posted LAST Wednesday (Wednesday before New Year’s Eve). The reason why is because after Christmas I went on a little holiday down to the beach. I had a few posts lined up and needed a few final touches before posting, but unfortunately the house we were staying at had the worst reception. I tried a few times to post but the bloody internet had other ideas. This place took us way back in time they only had VIDEOS to watch (tv was a little average with channels) so I felt my childhood coming back. So I had no internet and I couldn’t really leave to find somewhere to post because it was busy everywhere! I learnt a valuable lesson after this trip: check for wifi and don’t go around Christmas/ New Years because people are everywhere! So anyhoo hope you all had a great NEW YEARS and Christmas.



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