A Wet WHAT?!

Recently a blast from my past came back into my life. Back in the days when I would go out and hit the bars on a weekly basis my night wouldn’t be complete without a Wet Pussy Shot. I haven’t thought about this shot in years , until my sister in law bought out a bottle of Wet Pussy. For those who don’t actually know what a wet pussy shot is, it’s a sweeter shot that contains: peach schnapps, vodka cranberry juice, pineapple juice, coconut rum and gin (depending on how it’s made there are different variations from bar to bar). The shot itself was a bit on the weaker side compared to straight vodka shots (which would usually result in some horrendous dance moves), it was always really tasty and I admit I used to lick inside the shot glass after the shot. I had a lot of weird looks from people. So as usual drifting off, when I saw that this shot was available in bottle form I was a little shocked that I didn’t know it existed!

So I was a bit sceptical about this shot in a bottle, for some reason it took me back to all of those ready made shots you could buy (sometimes 30 shots in a bucket) and how sick they would make me. I was curious how they could bottle up a shot so there was no backing out once the shot was poured. So according to the site this was described as:

“A smooth unique blend of alcohol, peach, cranberry and lime best served cold” WET PUSSY WEBSITE.

Well our dumbasses didn’t serve it cold for the first shot, the flavours weren’t bad it just felt off because it was at room temperature. It was like drinking your favourite soft drink at room temperature instead of waiting for it to cool down in the fridge, it’s not bad but it doesn’t feel natural. But tasting it definitely took me back to my younger years, it tasted 100% like the shot! I seriously felt like we were at a bar and had it served to us. Serving it cold definitely made a difference with the taste, it didn’t feel so sweet. The peach schnapps and cranberry was definitely the flavours you could pick up instantly the lime was more the aftertaste (not max at it). The shot wasn’t ridiculously strong so it was more of a sweet shot to give us a little sugar high and made certain drinking games a lot less painful (my SIL, the girl can drink). This sweet hit was really nice, did I like it yes! Would I buy more, well probably not, unless I’m planning of having a night out. I feel like it’s not something I can just have sitting in my fridge for a long period of time. While I did enjoy this and thought it was tasty I just don’t see myself sitting on the couch on a Saturday night tossing back shots, I’m my younger partying days hell yes this would have been a go.

This drink was definitely a pleasant surprise and was featured in few nights activities while on holidays (so retro). This was a very sweet shot so I didn’t add it to anything because it would have been overkill. This was great that I was really pleased with the execution of this drink I definitely could tell it was a wet pussy shot. I did look on the website and there are other shots available, so maybe another drinking adventure next time I have a little getaway. Of course I’ve left the website below check them out!




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