Its My Birthday I’ll roll if I want to

Well technically last Tuesday (January 25th) was my birthday but let’s roll with it. So recently I purchased some roller skates just for a little fun, I’ve wanted to roller skate for a while now and I thought summer would be the perfect time. I’ve always roller bladed so I figured this may be easier – sorry I roller bladed when I was younger but I figured it’s like riding a bike. You can’t forget that shit. So I got a heap of gift vouchers for Christmas and they were just burning a whole in my pocket so I thought why the hell not use them to buy some skates.

So the day I bought the skates I took them home and was ready to skate around the house. I figured since my house is mostly floorboards and there is a few spots that I have open when I feel like Im brave enough to go skating without any benches or furniture to hold onto. I ddi make sure I was keeping my weight entered and made sure I got up carefully when I put on the skates first. Getting up and taking off wasn’t as bad as I thought it would have been, obviously I had roller blading stuck in the back of my head so I did feel confident taking off. It was terrifying for the first few trips around the house. I could go straight no issue the turning on the other hand, didn’t go particularly well.

I looked up a few tutorials on YouTube to help me get how to turn properly. One of the tutorials did help a lot with turning it was more for turning a corner (which was a good start) but it was more for a wider turn rather than a sharp turn. I did learn a very valuable lesson with skating, if you are very fresh at learning and barely can turn don’t try to learn a fast spin around. Especially in a narrow hallway. I was trying to do a sharp turn down my hallway feeling a bit too cocky with how I was progressing and I ended up falling flat on my ass and slamming both of my skates into the wall. Well the break stoppers slammed into the wall, so I currently have two wholes in my wall. Thank god the husband can fix it. I ended up having to practice in the cement courtyard on the side of our house since our backyard is full of grass and I don’t want to try out on the street with the uneven footpath and loads of witnesses to me falling. I have gradually gotten better riding around and I in fact actually went tone roller rink with some ladies from mu Pole Dancing classes. I still can’t quite turn sharply but I can cut laps around the roller rink without having to hold onto the walls or stacking it.

This is defiantly a massive work in progress but I am glad I started, its something different. I will say after a few hours I felt it in my legs when I was at the roller rink I felt like I had just had leg day at the gym- it was that good I worked my ass off pain. If you are thinking about trying roller skates out DO IT! its something fun to do on the weekend just please make sure you are using all of the safety. As well as the skates invest in knee pads, wrist pads and a helmet just to protect yourself. For my Birthday I decided to emerge from my bedroom in my PJs rolling towards everyone while blasting “jump around”. Why? Because it’s my birthday and I deserve to at least one make a spectacular entrance.

Sorry this didn’t get posted last week, between the birthday celebrations and stuffing my face and the public holiday I honestly forgot what day it was. I actually forgot I still had things on and fortunately my phone reminded me I have appointments. Also last week was the final week of school holidays (YAY!!!!!) I had to jam in a heap of activities to keep up my “Fun Mum” rep. I know understand why when I was younger my parents dumped me at my grandparents house for days at a time, they needed a god damn break! I honestly should have done that over the last few weeks but I’m an idiot. Finally can sit on the toilet without an audience and eat without having to share my food! Anyway I haven’t had much of a chance to go out skating with the super hot days and massive storms (nothing better than rain on a hot day sprinkled with thunder) it hasn’t been particularly skating weather. I mean I could try skating outside in the rain but I know I’m not competent enough to do so, I’d end up on my ass. It’s been so humid I look like Monica from Friends in that episode when her hair got out of control from the humidity. I’m also banned from skating indoors after the incident with the walls. Hopefully the weather goes back to pleasant soon.



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