It kept calling my name

Recently while out at the liquor store I was checking out my options for new and exciting drinks to try out and one stood out to me. The JOSE CUERVO SPARKLING MARGARITA. It caught my eye for sure, but I will admit I took a look and put it down. I first thought it looked like it could be pretty good I mean I have had pretty good luck with ready to drink Margaritas lately, it could be good. But I was on the hunt for something else, after I got what I wanted I kept going back to look at the can hummed and ha’ed then left. Wasn’t til I put everything in the car I went back because I knew I’d be thinking about a marg when I got home. I wasn’t feeling like one at the when I got to the store, but I kept thinking about it the whole time once I caught sight of that can. It was definitely calling for me. So this margaritas description from the DAN MURPHY’s website;

New Jose Cuervo Sparkling Margarita has been crafted with care and tradition to be delicious, and perfect for sharing. Expertly mixed, with authentic Jose Cuervo and the flavours of zesty natural lime and triple sec, it has a lightly sparkling twist for extra refreshment and a clean dry finish. Built for sunlit afternoon sessions, sipping with friends, this delicious spritz can be enjoyed straight from the can or poured over ice.” Dan Murphy’s Website.

So tasting this I instantly was hooked, the light zesty citrus flavours made this drink go down so well. It was refreshingly light and didn’t have sugar overkill or the alcohol taste want to overwhelming that it was un-drinkable . I did drink these from the can, not over ice and it still tasted amazing. I find that sometimes when you get cocktails in a can you need to put it in a glass over ice to make help with the taste/ experience. I found this straight out of the can was delicious I wouldn’t add anything to it. I will say a small warning this was actually so good I couldn’t just have one, also be weary it is alcohol and slamming down a few of these does cause some difficulties with the English language. These were an amazing drink to enjoy on a warm day, I actually enjoyed these in my backyard while relaxing in the inflatable pool.

This drink I feel like it knew I needed it in my life. The flavours were perfectly balanced and it was so refreshing. I didn’t feel like I had just consumed a bag of sugar (especially the next day) it was so light and easy to drink. This is just the perfect summer drink for me, it’s honestly knocking out alcoholic seltzers. It seriously was so good. This was just a perfect cocktail in a can and the can size was just right . For a pack of 4 it was $21.95 AUD, which for a cocktail isn’t that bad. These are available at most liquor stores, check out your nearest one and give it a try.



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