Well S**T

It finally happened, Covid hit my household. Out of honesty I’m pretty shocked this didn’t happen sooner but hey seems to be that everyone is having their turn lately catching this so it was bound to happen. The oldest spawn came home last week and tested positive- I rapid tested her because she had a bit of a croaky voice and slight fever. Not going to lie I was a little upset seeing those positive results. Mainly because of the unknown, not knowing how sick she would get and what to do really with everything. Our state’s government is a joke with helping this shit (the closest you’ll get to seeing anything political here). Lucky she was only slightly off for about two days, she was that type of sick that she would still be totally normal apart from her croaky voice. She handled it absolutely fine. After the first few days she just was chilling out at home trying to keep entertained.

Next the husband came up positive two days later (fuck!) and naturally being a male he was dying. Shockingly me and the younger spawn have continued to test negative (freaks) so that’s a bonus. So basically the rules are we have to isolate for 7 days but because the husband was positive a few days later it’s a little longer. I will say that this is so draining! We are two days until freedom and I cannot wait (I better not test positive otherwise I’ll be PISSED). I am fortunate I can still work, I have been working from home since before the pandemic and I was able to arrange a few zoom workouts with instructors. But staying sane has been a struggle.

Even through we’ve pretty much been through this with the lockdowns last year, this was a lot more full on in the sense we couldn’t leave the house to go for a walk or drive through coffee. Today I was laying outside in the sun (burning myself) on my outdoor lounge while working. Wasn’t bad that’s until the sun really started to bite. So why am I sharing my stupid situation (I mean seriously we’re still dealing with this Covid bullshit!!! I mean really it’s sooo 2020) well friends I am here preparing you for a few posts next week. Possibly with my sanity missing.



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