This better make me GLOW

When buying my protein online I received a free collagen powder supplement in my order. I’ve never really bothered with buying any of these collagen powders, mainly because a few years back I bought a greens powder (from a different brand) with collagen and I was drinking it religiously for months thinking yes this will help my skin as well as my insides. It didn’t really do anything. I combined it with a healthy lifestyle and didn’t find it really do anything adding another expense. As well as it not really doing anything I wasn’t too thrilled with the taste, I had gone through so many different flavours thinking maybe it was a flavour thing but it just was the powder itself. So I have stayed clear of these, when I received my free box of LORNA JANE ON THE GLOW Marine Collagen & Magnesium Beauty Dust- in Peach Flavour I was willing to give it a go again. I mean why not I got a box free! What do I have to lose?

So for those who aren’t familiar Lorna Jane is an active wear brand which seem to be branching out more to different aspects of health and lifestyle. I haven’t minded a lot of their activewear, it is on the more pricey side. Saying that though it could be down to quality. I honestly can’t say much about them I can’t even rely on any reviews from friends/ family because they don’t really want to splurge on active wear. I should try them out, I might buy some items and post about how they are (hopefully someone’s interested in a little review) I mean I buy enough clothes why not help people out.

Wow I really started rambling there for a bit, back to the supplement! There are 14 sachets in each box. Basically you take one sachet and mix with one cup (250ml) of liquids like water, juice or smoothie or even cocktail- just kidding (but if someone tries with a cocktail report back to me with your results I’m curious). You take one daily. This is said to help with helping you get radiant, youthful hydrated skin, healthy hair and nail growth, supporting joint health, promoting a strong functioning immune system, helps with muscle soreness, improve PMS symptoms, calm mind and help sleep. Well shit this powder is magic! That’s if it can do all of this. Whenever I have anything Peach flavour I approach with caution because I have tried things peach flavour and the flavour was so far from peach. It’s a flavour that can be fucked up. With these sachet the flavour wasn’t spectacular, it was a little bitter. It wasn’t unbearable but I wasn’t overly thrilled with how bitter it was. I drank it just with water I, tried to add it to a smoothie but I thought it overpowered the smoothies flavour.

Now despite how I felt about the flavour I did start to notice some improvement over 14days. I did notice a lot of breakout prone areas did seem to have gone down significantly and looked a lot less angry. Usually in between my eyebrows on my forehead I tend to break out there and they are just a pain in the ass. My skin isn’t completely clear but it has made any pimples go down and any new ones very minor and easy to cover up. My sleep over the last few days improved I did have alot of broken sleep (not just from the crotch goblin) I don’t know why I just couldn’t shut off to go to sleep and this seemed to help me kind of unwind. My muscles seemed to recover a bit better after working out, I can’t say 100% that it was due to this because I have started taking protein after my workouts.

Now with these sachets so far the results have been amazing I can only imagine what they would be like after a few months. I will say even though the results were minimal it’s still really impressive to see something in such a short time, a lot of the time you have to really wait longer to see any results. If you are wanting to use this don’t expect to look like you magically had work done (I know people who thought they’d have the same effects of Botox) it will take time and you do have to also maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you want to look good while being lazy and eat shit I suggest selling your soul- I know I’ve thought about doing it sometimes. Anyway below is a link to the supplement on the HAPPY WAY website, check them out they have great proteins and supplements available. I’m slowly working through trying them all. Trying to become a beefy ass bitch! Just kidding….or am I? Naaaaaaa……maybe.

IM OUT!!!!



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