Are you ready to Tangle?

Ahh Billsons you guys have done it again! Bought out a new flavour for me to give a little try. This has been out for a while now but it has been so bloody hard to find in stores, I looked everywhere! It was either really popular or a lot of stores just didn’t get it that were in my area. But lucky me I got my sticky little paws on these to try out. So Billsons are a Victorian beverage manufacturer, they make soft drinks, cordial and pre-mixed alcoholic drinks (which are soft drink with vodka). These caught my eye a while ago and I did try some out, which were absolutely delightful. If you haven’t seen those posts check them out in the links below. So over the last few months they released a new flavour called FRUIT TANGLE, its their version of the Fruit Tingle cocktail.

For those who don’t know what a Fruit Tingle cocktail is its basically a purple/ blue coloured cocktail containing Blue Curacao, Raspberry cordial, Vodka and Lemonade. There are of course different versions of this cocktail it depends person to person but that’s generally what Ive had in most of the Fruit Tingle cocktails I’ve had. It’s of course a very sweet cocktail so you can’t really have to many. I always think of this cocktail as an easy first cocktail because it was one of the first cocktails I tried when I was first 18, you don’t really taste the alcohol.

This flavour, WOW!!! This was an amazing cocktail in a can. I could definitely taste the Fruit Tingle in this, but it wasn’t to sickening sweet. It was a lighter refreshing drink that I could enjoy a few cans and not feel like I’ve had a massive sugar overload. Generally with Fruit Tingle cocktails they feel heavier and very very sweet due to the cordial added but this was actually really nice they stuck with the flavours, but didn’t make it as in your face sugar hit. I loved this because even though it didn’t taste as overly sweet, I didn’t feel like any of the flavours were lost. It didn’t feel like a sugar free version that tasted watered down. Of course I had to see the drinks colour, the thing that I think really sells the Fruit Tingle cocktails is the colour in the glass. So when I poured this out into my glass I saw the signature Fruit Tingle purple/ blue colouring. So beautiful.

This was another win for Billsons, again they nailed it with the flavour. I am seriously considering buying Billsons fridge stocked full of their products. They are just do delicious, The only flavour I will say Im not a fan of is the Sarsaparilla. That’s just down to the fact I don’t like it, in any brand its really an acquired taste. So I will mention that while I was in iso I mentioned that there would be more posts last week and there was only one extra. I will say honestly there was many many post but I actually chose not to post them. Some I found you could tell I was miserable and I just didn’t want to bring everyone down I want to keep it nice and light here, I know I have my moments but I just want to keep things cheerful. Anyhoo below are the links to my other Billsons adventures check them out.

IM OUT!!!!!

Turkish Delight…….AND VODKA!!!!

These were a Surprise


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