Let’s try Green

Well happy St Patrick’s Day friends! So in honour of today being the day for green I thought why not try making a green look with makeup. I will make this clear I have no idea what the hell I’m doing green eyeshadow has always been a struggle for me, it always ends up looking like I put mud on my face. I fail everytime! So let’s see if I can miraculously pull this off. So the palette I’m using for this is Mickey & Friends Truth Be Bold Artistry Palette BY MORPHE. I got this palette late last year for an 80s Prom Party, I mean come on look at the bright colours as if I wouldn’t. This palettes colours are really pretty and fun let’s hope I don’t Fuck this up.

I started off by using a very light pink (it was VERY light you couldn’t really see it on my skin), why I chose pink is beyond me. I think I started off with the faint pink because I forgot I was doing green, I don’t know I was feeling like this wasn’t going off to a good start. But I was optimistic and powered through. I then went in with the lightest green ORIGINAL ARTIST and then put it all on my lid, I will say that I had to apply a lot of product you could barely see it but then I did go a little over board.

I then went over my lid with a darker/ neon green MAX POWER (Maaaax Powerrrrrr he’s the man whose name you’d love to touch – who remembers that episode of the Simpsons??) this colour did look good on the palette, probably not so much on me. I then thought Id throw a green wing in, just to you know try to make myself look like me. I used INSTIGATOR for the wing. Its so much harder for me to make a winged eye with eyeshadow. Remember I am not a makeup expert. The wings were ok I then added a little glitter I for some unknown reason thought hey while Im here I might throw some glitter on the situation. I used STARING CONTEST on the inner corner of my eyes. I thought it would be nice an subtle so if I go outside you could see it in the light.

I then mascaraed up and threw some nude liquid lip on, Lipstick was a little hard to figure out. Other than nude what else would go with green? I could have put red on but I reckon it would look too Christmassy.

So I can officially and confidently say that I can NOT pull of green eye shadow. This was a massive fail. I will say I am proud of myself for sticking it out and continuing to try to make this work, so I pat myself on the back for that. Thank god I work from home and no one could see me walking around like this I can assure you in person its a lot worse than what the pictures make it. so this was a little play with makeup it was a bit different and by the look of the photos I really need a good night sleep and a botox refill. But I had a try, the green colours will most likely be used for any future costumes looks.

IM OUT!!!!



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