I can’t be alone in this

Ok, so this isn’t particularly a rant it more a share and curious if anyone else is the same. So I’ll just come out and ask does anyone else find that it’s a lot more awkward to see an EX friend rather than seeing and EX partner (boyfriend/girlfriend). Recently I went to a Unicorn Festival, yes you read right I went to a Unicorn Festival. It was basically a more child orientated event with balloons, face painting and all the things that little girls (and boys maybe) would lose their little mind over. Took my spawns to this (and the husband) to this event as a little family day out. I won’t go to much into this little event but I will say this, my kids got a great glimpse on what it will be like when we go visit Disney world in four years. The bloody lines were MASSIVE! Almost 2 hours wait to get your face painted. Lines were all so long, the wait times were insane I seriously felt like I was at Disney.

So you can imagine lines everywhere. We had to line up to go into this event (again I was getting major Disneyland flashbacks with waiting in a massive line to see colourful characters), this is where I first saw her. My ex-friend. Now I haven’t spoken t this friend since late August 2019, we went on a holiday then and our friendship pretty much ended there and I came home early (that story will be for another time- if anyone wants to read it). It was a very messy way to end a friendship, but we haven’t spoken since. Now I’ve had friendships end over my lifetime and its always the same thing, I feel very awkward when I happen to see them again just out an about.

So seeing an ex-boyfriend, to me yeah it can be awkward in a way because I once saw them naked. But generally for me we broke up and I moved on, I honestly don’t give a shit if I happen to look like crap when I see them because really I have someone who’d jump me when I look my worst because ya know LOVE. Obviously seeing an ex-boyfriend fresh after a break up would be very awkward but Ive been married for almost 10 years and even longer with my husband (wow same penis for that long) so seeing an ex-boyfriend who gives a shit. I believe if you give a shit about an ex-boyfriend whether it being how they think you look or how successful you are now or if you have someone, it shows you still deep down care about them.

But seeing an ex-friend is a whole new level. Im not talking about friendships that kind of fizzled out because you moved away or drifted apart for whatever reason, generally if you kind of don’t talk much anymore but haven’t got a negative thing to say about each other and would chat if you happen to see each other in the street- those aren’t awkward. Ive had friends who I was really close with but our schedules started to go insane with work and everything and time got away from us. If we happened to run into each other it be as if we’ve seen each other every day and just chatting casually. Im talking about friendships that have ended due to an argument/ someone did something/ someone said something just anything that would leave you feeling negativity towards each other.

Sorry I trailed off there for a second. So while waiting in line I saw her, my ex-friend, with her sister and niece. The husband actually saw her first and pointed her out. Thank god that was the day I decided to put on makeup and put some effort into my hair. Despite what I said about ex-boyfriends and you still having feeling for them if you care about what they think. Its a whole different ballpark with ex-friends (especially females- well most). Bitches be judgey. I know we are no longer in high school, but people judge! I knew this woman would judge the shit out of me and I was panicking. I had my husband evaluate my appearance (even though he had been in the car with me for and hour looking exactly like that) making sure there was no flaws for her to pick on. I also was worried what happens if we make eye contact? Do we approach each other and awkwardly talk or do we pretend we don’t see each other? I went for the coward option and pretended I didn’t see her and kept acting like I was busy with the spawns to notice her, even though I was well aware of her presence near by.

Am I alone here, does anyone else feel its far worse to see and ex-friend than it is an ex-partner? How do you act if you’ve seen them and they have seen you ? These are the questions I need answers to, because its only a matter of time til I see this woman again and I don’t want to cause a war.

IM OUT!!!!


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