Did TIK TOK lie???

Tik Tok has served as an app that can sometimes give us genuine hacks and sometimes fake hacks that are basically taking the piss out of its viewers. Although I don’t have the app it hasn’t stopped many of my friends and family sending through Tik Tok hacks. When I say many I mean MANY. I feel that this most recent video sent to me was a bit of a hint hint because my flyaways are a little out of control currently. I do use Olaplex, BUT in my defence I haven’t been on it that much and plus I’ve been working out more in preparation for a May photoshoot (details soon). I haven’t really bothered washing my hair as much because of the constant working out so therefore a sexy field of flyaways.

So apparently you can tame your flyaways with simple dental floss. This shit looks too good to be true, I had to try it. It’s seemed easy enough with you simply gliding floss from the part down your hairline. When I saw this on a few videos what stood out to me was the fact that the people were using what looked like the worlds thickest floss. I mean it looked like thick ass wool. My floss is a skinny deal, have I been using the wrong floss? It had to be fake!

Here’s my before, wow hot trash! As you can see I have significant flyaways (and a massive forehead- that obviously can’t be fixed with floss).

So I started at the roots and slid the floss down my hair. The first time I saw absolutely NOTHING! I mean really I was thinking to myself “did I honestly fuck up a simple TIK TOK hack?”. So I gave it another try and this is the final results.

As you can see in my face I’m a bit confused, it didn’t really do that much. Sure there are a few less flyaways, but I could have gotten better results with a serum/cream/spray. This wasn’t really a hack it didn’t really do much – I put the photos side by side and even on the day I couldn’t really notice any difference at all. So this isn’t really a hack kids.



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