I GOT ONE!!!!!

I love pineapple! It is such a tasty fruit, always amazing. Having fresh pineapple tends to be a bit of struggle though. When buying it pre-cut from the supermarket it always tastes like they have put some other juice on it in order to preserve it or it just tastes dry. I have bought a whole pineapple a few times to cut it up myself so I can stuff my face, but the cutting up always feels draining. Many many years ago I came across a tool online to buy that hollows out a whole pineapple really easy. I had to have it!!! The only thing at the time it was from an international store and I honestly didn’t want to pay for shipping at the time. Fast forward to 2019 when at the airport in Hawaii I happened to see one while I was waiting for my flight. I almost bought it then realised that when I board the flight where the hell will it go? So I didn’t end up buying it sadly. I basically forgot about it, until recently when the husband and I were going through amazon for a few things for our house we stumbled upon the Pineapple Corer and Slicer.

Damn right I got it!! Looking on Amazon most of these slicers are under $30 AUD, some obviously can cost a bit more depending on the brand and whether they have any extra attachments included. With ours we simply just got the slicer. That was good enough for me. Lucky for me pineapple is still available in the supermarket and not too expensive so I can give this a good go. One thing that really sold me with this tool is the fact its dishwasher safe! I mean really in this day and age nearly everyone uses a dishwasher all kitchen tools should be dishwasher safe (obviously not electrical items). It a little sad this kind of stuff excites me now.


  1. Cut head and end of Pineapple
  2. Point in the Middle and rotate to the end
  3. Pull out the fruit
  4. Press the button and take out the handle
  5. Separate the Pineapple
  6. ENJOY!

This bad boy was 100% worth the money! It was so easy to use. I honestly thought it would require a lot of strength to twist and make the slicer move down but it went down so easy and smoothly. When it came to removing the fruit from the skin it slid out as if it was a chocolate in a wrapper. I didn’t have to tug it or get the knife out to try get it out, not one issue. This was a purchase I have been bragging about to everyone it works just as it says and it slices the pineapple perfectly into slices. Well it technically makes it into one giant spiral and you have to cut the slices into individual pieces. But some of these slices on Amazon actually come with attachments to do so. If you are a pineapple crackhead like myself get this for sure. Amazon.com or Amazon.com.au will hook you up.

IM OUT!!!!!


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