That Wascally Wabbits Almost here

We are fast approaching that time of year when a rabbit shits out chocolate for us to find. Easter. I feel that every year I should remind people to not stress themselves out too much with this holiday. Many years ago I posted a little Easter tips list, so I thought Id make up a new refreshed list.

TIP 0NE, Before Good Friday make sure you are well stocked up with Hot Cross Buns or basically anything that is Hot Cross Bun flavoured. That will be one of your diet staples for the 3/4 days.

TIP TWO, Remember Good Friday is a day you are encouraged to eat fish, NO MEAT………..unless you are hungover because you thought you’d kick off the long weekend with a bang and make the mistake of buying a cheeseburger from McDonalds drive though need of a greasy saviour. That’s fine fast food meat doesn’t count.

TIP THREE, Make sure you remind everyone of the unhealthy sugar levels in all of the Easter eggs by reposting the articles by fitness and health professionals on social media. That was a trick don’t do that!!! People who do that are well I can’t think of the appropriate word so I’ll just go with fuck-wits. Guys its no shock that chocolate has heaps of sugar in it.

TIP FOUR, Easter Saturday is the day for recovery and re-stocking your supplies. The stores were closed for one day and you’ve probably lost your mind.

TIP FIVE, Easter Sunday is the main event! This is your time to shine! If you are a parent make sure you document the Easter Egg hunt online as it is happening everyone has to see how good you are at hiding eggs. If your Child-Free make sure you rock the bunny ears for a photo to wish everyone a happy easter. Make sure you say happy Easter to everyone that comes within your small radius- they might have forgotten.

TIP SIX, Easter Monday is the day some people are lucky enough to have off still, if you have it off it is time to lay in bed a reflect on how much sugar you stuffed down your face over the weekend. If you are working make sure you are letting you co-workers know that you ate so much on the weekend.

Guy don’t take these too seriously this was a little fun. I will say this for Easter this year enjoy the time with family and friends (if you don’t let me know and I’ll share a virtual high-five) don’t go all out and try to be over the top with everything. For the love of god DO NOT stress about what you are eating or drinking! It is one weekend its will not “ruin” your health or weight loss journey. You don’t want to look back on this time and think of how you were miserable in the corner with your celery stick, no! So go out enjoy some sugary goodness, Me I will be enjoying Espresso Martinis out of a large hollowed out egg. That’s how I roll on Easter. I don’t eat Easter eggs I use them as beverage vessels……..make sure your drink is cold though otherwise you’ll end up looking like you took a crap in your hand.

IM OUT!!!!


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