Magnetic Lashes

Before I go on with my little adventure down the magnetic eyelashes rabbit hole I have to say that school holidays are fucking exhausting! I thought I had this down considering I had spent a lot of lockdown entertaining two kids, but no! I wanted to be the fun awesome mum that did all the fun shit……by the second week of school holidays I was done. The first week I was the fun awesome mother doing all the fun shit (as well as working by the way) as well as doing all types of fun Easter activities over the Easter weekend. By Tuesday night of the second week I was bloody done. My spawn isn’t going back to school until Wednesday (today, 27th April) because of the public holiday on Monday and a school curriculum day on Tuesday. So my mum offered us a solid and took the spawns for the weekend for a little sleepover. This is actually the first time they BOTH have been away for the night so me and the husband are going all out for our child free time.

So if you can’t tell this post is written a bit in the past and now. So I came across these about a month ago while looking for lashes for a photoshoot (which has now been cancelled). I don’t usually wear false eyelashes and out of all honesty Ive only worn falsies a handful of times. I find that when it comes to the glueing the lash on its either I master it straight away or I almost have a complete meltdown because the asshole lash can’t stick or look right. For my photoshoot (which was the original purpose of these lashes) I wanted to be extra and wear some false lashes, but what was holding me back was glueing them on. I wanted a quick and easy application without me completely losing my shit. I have been seeing a lot of magnetic lashes available to buy and from what I saw they were very easy to apply, no mess and most of them stuck to a liquid eyeliner. When it comes to liquid eyeliner I’m fairly confident with applying it I generally like to rock a winged look so this seemed perfect. After a bit of searching good old Facebook (we all know they are stalking us) decided to throw out an advertisement for Magnx Lashes.

Magnx Lashes are magnetic lashes that provide a hassle free application in minutes. You just simply create any eyeliner look with there eyeliner and wait for it to dry and then add the lashes. So simple! I will say that this answered my question about the eyeliner situation I was worried that this one would allow me to use the liquid eyeliner to do it my usual way. The lashes come in kits (also by themselves), I got the kit because I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed. Inside the kit I got: 2x Pairs of lashes in the style of my choice (I got Goddess), the liquid eyeliner and some applicator tool. I got the two lashes kit, because I wanted to make sure if I somehow fuck this up I have back ups. The kit normally is $74 AUD, which I would say is a lot for lashes, but given what these are Id understand the price and they are reusable with 40+ wears. Fortunately for me I managed to get them on a sale.

When I received the kit I will say, it defiantly looked good quality. The packaging was just looked so lovely and you could tell it wasn’t cheap shit you can buy at the supermarket. I loved the compact mirror tin the lashes came in that was a nice touch. No lets get into the good part applying them. So I put these on on Saturday morning we were doing a date day and these would be perfect to just add to my makeup. So when it came to the eyeliner it was a little difficult, the product wasn’t as smooth on my eyes as Im used to with my other liquid eyeliners and the eyeliner brush was a little thick than I am used to. Still I gave it the benefit of the doubt, I then let my eyeliner dry while I finished off my hair. So I did have to slightly trim these because my tiny eyes. I tried it around the magnets so it should have been fine. When applying they were very difficult for me, I seriously thought it would pretty much snap into place when applying. It did not. When it came to them sticking in the right place they didn’t sit on my lash line and one end kept flicking up (as if I had glued it poorly). These weren’t sticking as cleanly as it was made out online.

I failed miserably with these lashes and it ended up with me not bothering wearing them. But saying that I am willing to give them another try, I have a feeling that maybe i got a bit too much eyeliner in my actual eyelashes and the magnets were picking that up so stay tuned for an updated post about these. Removal did prove to be a little difficult for me, the actual lashes were fine to remove. It was the eyeliner that proved to be an asshole. I was using my make up remover and warm water and it just wanted to stay. It was really stuck into my actual eye lashes and it took a lot of work to get out. So I will point out that it probably be a little while to try them out again because the removal was a little traumatic. But I will try these again soon. But what I will say is the delivery was quick and the packaging was beautiful. So I have added the site below for you to check out. I am hoping that I just happened to be a moron and messed these up, If you have used these and had some success please let me know.



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