Glow Recipe Toner

So recently I was running ridiculously low on my regular toner and I usually buy it online of the MECCA website. But I knew that since I was going out to the mall that week I could go in store and buy it instead of having to wait for my order to arrive in the mail. When going into the store I then realised the store near my house doesn’t stock the god damn toner and the nearest MECCA store that does was about 45+ mins away. So I didn’t want tot leave without a toner I thought Ill try a new one just to get me by for a few days and I will then venture out to the other store on the weekend to get that and a few other things. I have used Glow Recipe products before and I have always thought they were great. I saw that Glow Recipe had a Travel Sized Toner, I grabbed that instantly thinking it will do until I buy my usual product.

So I bought the Glow Recipe – Watermelon Glow PHA+BHA Pore-Tight Toner. So this is a watermelon infused toner that hydrates and soothes the skin, exfoliates the skin, unclogs pores and leaves the skin supple and bouncy. To use this: after cleaning in the morning and evening apply some of the toner into your palms and press into face and neck ( this can also be applied with a cotton pad or cloth if you don’t want to use your hands).

First of all this products colour is really pretty, I don’t no what it is about Glow recipe but their products colours and packaging get me every time – its just so nice. Its a cute baby pink colour, the products smell defiantly could smell the watermelon- it reminded me a lot of the overnight mask that I tried a while ago that I absolutely loved. The product itself was a slightly thicker texture compared to my usual toners. My normal toner is fairly watery and and it comes out quickly so I don’t Malays get a small amount out and go through the product pretty quickly. This toner on the other hand it still had a liquid texture but it wasn’t watery and I could control the amount coming out a lot better. I applied this with my palms rather than what I usually do which is apply the product on my face pad then apply it to my face. The product absorbed into my face quickly without feeling drying. Instantly after applying the product my skin felt amazing!

I have been using this toner for 2 weeks now and my skin has never felt and looked this good. After a few days of using it I decided this is my new toner and I didn’t end up going to by my trusty old favourite. My skin has never felt so smooth and actually looked glowing. Little bumps and imperfections are pretty much gone – apart from the odd zit here and there due to my hormones (I just can’t avoid some sort of gross skin close to my ummmm lady visitor). But even my hormonal imperfections have reduced significantly. Ive never really had much issues with large pores but I did notice my makeup looked a lot smoother when I applied it, almost airbrushed-ish. For a travel sized bottle this last a little bit goes a long way, which I love. One bottle and I still have heaps left, I can’t wait to see how long the full sized last me (yes Im buying the full sized that’s how committed I am to this).

I didn’t realise when buying this it would end up with me changing my toner for good. I knew Glow recipe products were good but I didn’t imagine this would work so well. Big bonus is I don’t have to just buy online I can go in store to buy this if I happen to be near a MECCA store. This is available in MECCA and international SEPHORA. Try this out trust me, my skin is a picky bitch and I have tried so may different products to make it happy. Ive never come across something that made it cut me some slack and make me look so damn fine.



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